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About Freelance Writing & Suite101

suite101-computerSome of you may have noticed this blog is now carrying a square banner from Suite101 advertsing for writers – it’s way over there on the right and has a pen instead of the computer you see here. You may also have realized we’ve had an ad from Suite101 in our job listings the last three issues. You’ll also be seeing some guest posts from two or three Suite101 writers.

In this case, Suite101 and I are experimenting to see what sort of an increase in traffic they can drive for me and if I can help them sign up talented writers who want to build a long-term relationship.

Suite101 has been around for ages – thirteen years according to their about page. That’s about the same length of time as About.com; I wrote for the latter, and have no writing experience with the former.

Suite101 works on a revenue share model which means, essentially, you’re paid a portion of the advertising money generated by your article. Unlike some, Suite101 payments continue, always based on revenue generated, even after you no longer write for them.

Are you writing on spec? Yes. Will you get rich? No. Will you make a decent income? Maybe. It’s possible, but it takes work. Is it worth your time? Again, a definite maybe. Suite101 could:

  • help you build a reputation in your niche – my stints with About.com and b5Media  still carry weight.
  • help you build a (probably) modest residual income – I got more money up front from the various networks I’ve worked for, but I also do not get any residuals.

Some here will undoubtedly disapprove of Suite101. Others will think it’s great. Most will probably ignore it.

By all means share your own experience.


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  • Kevin R.


    I don’t want to be disrespective or minimize your partnership but I find this reaction curious. When Deb Ng partnered with Demand Studios there was outrage among the freelance writing community. Meanwhile you’re receiving kudos. Curious, right?

    • Anne

      Yes, it is curious. And I don’t have a clue. Demand Studios is much newer than Suite101 – you wouldn’t think that would make the difference. They have very different models which might make the difference, except I suspect many aren’t clear on the differences. Deb and I are both great webmasters and work to support our writing communities – and btw, each other. Go figure.

  • I took a look at this, Anne, and decided it’s just not the thing for me. This might not sound so business-like, but I’m not the type that wants to write and trust someone that I’ll be getting paid when people come by and read the articles. The revenue sharing model might seem like a good idea to some, but it just has never appealed to me. But I wish you great success with your association.
    .-= Mitch´s last blog ..My 13 Favorite Singers =-.

    • Anne

      No worries, Mitch, nothing is for everyone, including Suite101. I’ve had good luck with revenue shares, but you’re right, it’s very difficult to be sure the pay is accurate.

  • Well, I took the bait and applied at Suite 101. Might as well give it a try. I’ll be reporting my experiences at my blog.
    .-= Kathryn Pless´s last blog ..Demand Studios =-.

  • Hannah

    I’m not quite ready to dip into this yet so I appreciate the articles about Suite101. I’ve read articles there that are very informative and helpful and I’ve wondered about how that works.

    Now that I’m finally done editing my novel (Yay! Thank God!) maybe I’ll fill in the cracks by trying an article or two. Maybe not there but elswhere.

  • Melissa,

    I’m not sure the “editing” at Suite101 goes much beyond the perfunctory (primarily, editing so the article adheres to style guidelines). I could be wrong, but that’s the way it seems to me.
    .-= Debbi´s last blog ..Yeah, Sure Gatsby was Just ‘Great’ =-.

  • Hi, Anne. Thanks for your site. About Suite: I love being able to write about topics of my own choosing (natural history, NYC, African-American history). I’m new and have only a handful of articles up – not enough to assess income potential. Very nice, helpful community and good tutorials.

    Pet peeve: The quality of writing is wildly erratic. Many articles are impressively and professionally written, while others are, well, embarrassing. I’m confused by this, since Suite does have active editors. Curious what others think.

  • I am a Suite 101 Contributing Writer and have been writing for them for over a year. It’s a good place to write for, but you’ve got to be willing to invest time and effort…they have editors who DO check and bounce back articles that aren’t up to snuff. There are some decent tutorials and a welcoming community there too. Good luck!

  • I’ve been writing for Suite101 for a few months. Hasn’t generated any income yet, but then I’m only doing book reviews so far.
    .-= Debbi´s last blog ..Yeah, Sure Gatsby was Just ‘Great’ =-.

  • I keep hearing good things about suite101 lately. I definitely want to give it a try. If anything I can get some more writing under my belt. The fact that they seem good to work with is appealing to me.

    I’m going to give them a try soon. Oh, and good luck with the new partnership. Very cool.
    .-= Chris Anderson´s last blog ..Become a Marketing Addict =-.

    • Anne

      Thanks Chris, let us know how it works for you.

  • I like Suite 101. They were my first steady writing gig back in 1999 or 2000. At the time, they paid a monthly fee for one article per week. It wasn’t a huge commitment but it allowed me to get my feet wet, while working full time at my office job. I’m not a fan of the residual model, but can vouch for Suite101 as being a nice place to work with good people behind it.

    • Anne

      Thanks Deb. I kinda like the residual model… not as sole source of income but as a part. Good to hear you like Suite101

  • Hi Anne,
    Congrats on your partnership with Suite101. I have been writing for them for over 6 months now and love it:-) The editors are great, the tutorials helpful and the community is engaging and inspiring. You guessed it, I am a big Suite 101 fan!
    Best wishes.
    .-= prerna´s last blog ..Great Holiday and Personalized Gift Deals from Things Remembered =-.

    • Anne

      Thanks Prena, do you have a specialty over at Suite101?

  • I just discovered your site after a tweet from Deb Ng about your partnership with Suite 101. I have been thinking about trying out Suite in the new year and perhaps this is the push that I need. I have experience with a couple of other content sites but I like the fact that this site is Canadian (like me!).

    • Anne

      If you do, Kaarina, let us know how it goes.

  • Congratulations on your new partnership with Suite101! I hope it is a long term, mutually beneficial relationship!
    .-= Deb Ng´s last blog ..Are There No GOOD Freelance Writing Jobs Anymore? =-.

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