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Matthew Stibbe Offers Free Ebook About Business Writing

stibbe 30daysbetterwritingI know Matthew Stibbe through his blog, Bad Language. He does copy writing for business and writes about writing in a most delightful way.

Today I got an email from him announcing his free ebook, 30 Days to Better Business Writing: The Bad Language Handbook.

It’s totally free and barely a pitch for his services over at Articulate where he offers a variety of business writing services.

I’ve downloaded the book.  It’s a beautiful presentation. But it’s the writing about writing that’s important. Even the table of contents is helpful. In fact, much of the table of contents would stand on it’s own as a poster beside my desk. Maybe I’ll make one.

I’ve just begun the book; I have, however, read enough to recommend it. It’s certainly not just for business writing, but for every kind of writing I think. I suspect a poet would benefit from it.

Let me know how you like it.


Image from http://www.badlanguage.net/free-ebook

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