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Joe Wikert On the Nook and Ebook Readers

ebookreaderLast month I wrote about the Nook, the new ebook reader from Barnes and Nobel.

Joe Wikert, who blogs about publishing and Amazon’s Kindle talks about the Nook and ebook readers in general in an article on his Publishing blog called B&N’s Nook…and Beyond.

If you’re at all interested in ebooks, and if you’re not you probably should be, Joe’s observations on ebook readers and the ebook side of publishing are worth following.

His suggestion that an ebook reader with a slot for an iPhone connection is an interesting one. His notion that such a device would cost around $100 is moving the price in the right direction.

Allowing an ebook reader to make use of the wireless connection provided by cell phones may actually be moving us toward an ebook that’s relatively cheap and maybe sturdy enough to, eventually, use at the beach or, carefully, in the bath tub – my personal idea of perfection in such a gadget.

What’s your ideal ebook reader?


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  • Ok, ideal ebook reader: The cell phone connexion would be nice. And, yes, definitely under $100. Upload/download desktop cable for public domain files. Zoom in capability (with automatic margin reformat) for my ancient orbs–I need a minimum type size of 16 point, maybe 18 point. Searching, too, in toto or in selected text or chapter, with a count of found items and highlighting. Anti-theft capability. Legs to prop it almost vertical on a desk. Audio input (“next page” “seek page 65” “next chapter” “go to end” “off” “on” “seek next __(word)__” “seek last __(word)__” Audio output capability so it can read me to sleep at night. Optional teddy bear.
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