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Freelance Writing Jobs for Wednesday, November 4, 2009

writingjobsWe have 52 56 freelance writing jobs, blogging jobs, editing jobs, translation jobs and creative gigs today.

How to get freelance writing jobs is a category listing articles about how to get freelance writing jobs and the article, How to land a writing job is an article aimed at helping you when you apply to one of the freelance writing jobs listed here.

If you land one of these gigs, let us know. OTOH, if you find one is a problem, let us know that too.

  1. Writer/Web Marketer
  2. Writer Needed for Web-Based Drinking Application
  3. Essay Writing Expert to Produce Instructional Videos
  4. Blogger for Women’s Blog
  5. Advertising Copywriter – offsite
  6. Onion-style comic writers needed
  7. Fitness writer
  8. Wanted: Freelance Writer
  9. Freelance Writer – Work From Home
  10. Writers/Photographers – Freelance
  11. Travel Writer
  12. Automotive Copywriter

  13. Travel Writer
  14. Transcriber
  15. Travel Writer
  16. Italian publishing house seeks editors
  17. Product Reviews & Product Guide Writer
  18. Screenplay Writer
  19. PR Travel writer
  20. Scientific Business Writers (Fraud and Corporate Governance)
  21. ESL Materials Writer
  22. Freelance Research Writers
  23. Freelance Writer
  24. Seeking Freelance Writers
  25. Freelance Writers for Premium Online Brands
  26. Spanish/English Bilingual Writer
  27. Freelance Writers Wanted
  28. Managing Editor for Eco-Living Online Publication
  29. Professional Journalists wanted
  30. Freelance Writer
  31. Writers/Bloggers wanted
  32. Acquisitions Editor-fiction and non fiction
  33. Are you a fan of TV? Love to write or blog about your favorite shows
  34. Need writer / editor for nyt editorial
  35. Health Care Writer Needed
  36. Looking for Treatment Writer
  37. Food Service, Catering, Restaurant Business Blogger
  38. Writers needed for book project

  39. Personal Finance Writer
  40. Fitness Blogger
  41. Beauty Blogger
  42. The Antigonish ReviewP.O. Box 5000, St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, NS, B2G 2W5, Canada. P(902)867-3962. F(902)867-5563. Email: TAR-at-stfx.ca. Website:http://www.antigonishreview.com. Bonnie McIsaac, Office Manager. 95% freelance. “The Antigonish Review is a quarterly literary journal published by St. Francis Xavier University. The Review features poetry, fiction, reviews and critical articles from all parts of Canada, the US and overseas, using original graphics to enliven the format.” Welcomes new writers. Circulation 1K. Quarterly. Pays upon publication. Publishes ms approximately 4-8 months after acceptance. Buys first rights. No reprints. Responds immediately to general queries. Sample by email or by mail for $7. Subscription $24 Canada; $30 (US funds) USA; $40.00 (US funds) all others. Guidelines online athttp://www.antigonishreview.com/submissions.html.
    CURRENT NEEDS: Submissions. Pays flat fee of $100 (CAD) for fiction, articles and essays, $50 (CAD) for book reviews and $30 (CAD) per page of poetry. No more than 3,000 words for fiction. Submit query or complete ms with cover letter by mail with SASE/IRC.
    PHOTOS/ART: Submit query by email to Art Editor at TAR-at-stfx.ca. Payment varies.
  43. BrickP.O. Box 609 Stn. P, Toronto, ON M5S 2Y4, Canada. Email: info-at-brickmag.com. Website: http://www.brickmag.com. Tara Quinn, Assistant Editor. “Brick is a biannual literary journal that publishes non-fiction essays, usually based upon the writing life and the arts in general.” Welcomes new writers. Circ. 4K. Bi-annual. Pays on publication. Publishes ms 3-4 months after acceptance. Buys first rights. Accepts reprints. Responds 3-6 months. Samples are available for purchase on the website. Subscription $38 CDN in Canada; $41 USD in the U.S.; $46 USD overseas. Guidelines online at http://www.brickmag.com/submissions.html.
    CURRENT NEEDS: “Original, non-fiction literary essays on the writing life and the arts in general.” Pays $100-$400 CDN for 1000-2000 words. Submit complete MS only, SASE, cover letter. Does not accept queries.
    PHOTOS/ART: Pays $50-75CDN.
    HINTS: “Although Brick looks for literary essays in a conversational tone, many writers send memoirs or essays that are entirely too personal and more of a diary format, which are less likely to be accepted by our editors.”
  44. Contract Position: Proposal Writing
  45. Technology Writer Needed for Weekly Blog
  46. Medical writers
  47. Video Advocacy Grant Writer
  48. Writers Wanted
  49. Top Writing Professional Needed
  50. Internet Marketing company looking for a freelancer writer.

Low Paying Gigs:

  1. Website for space science ed seeks contributors
  2. Nintendo Website Looking For Asst. Community Manager/Contributors
  3. Wanted: Global Issues Bloggers

Might Be Worth Considering:

  1. Create Menu for Cafe, sourcing, and recipes, chef or other, short assign
  2. Associate-partner for personal-websites enterprise

Canadian writing job seekers may find what they want at the Canadian Freelance Writing Jobs Blog.  Deb Ng publishes jobs at FreelanceWritingGigs as does Jennifer Mattern at All Freelance Writing. Problogger also posts blogging jobs.


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  • tammy

    The job for food/wine writer is not real. I clicked on it and it took me to my facebook account. BTW, how did the site get THAT INFORMATION?

    Please look into this one!

    • Anne

      well it took me to something that said facebook, not my account… can’t fig;ure it out so I took it down. That links

  • Cindy

    Yeah, #13 is actually a call for “Examiner” positions.

    Since Veronica Shine above started it, I’ve been lax in thanking you as well. Four+ years ago, I picked up the perfect job (for me) from here and it keeps me as busy as I want with room for other clients along with my own network of web sites/blogs/on-line shops. They pay like clockwork, the job is enjoyable/varied (some hack to it, I suppose), but I’m very fortunate – thanks to you!

  • Exceptional list today with many in my genre. Have not been around much as I just wrapped up 2 month project. Needless to say, I found the gig right here on About Freelance Writing over a year ago. The assignment was for a vacation based firm requesting a synopsis on different destinations for a 3 month project. Then in August 2009, the client contacted me to work for them again.

    Thanks again Anne. Now back to job hunting. 😉

    One thing, #13 Writers – Food & Drink sends me to a prompt to sign on to FaceBook and farmville. lol

    • Anne

      Wondered where you were Veronica… glad to have you back.

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