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Turn Your Blog Into A Membership Site

blogmembershipOkay, I do know that many of you don’t have a blog and have no interest in one. I also know that many of you who do have a blog have no interest in turning it into a membership site, or developing another blog to do just that.

However, I’m betting that one or two of you, maybe more, have thought about ways to generate more money from your blog, and a membership site is one way to do that.

“Ah,” you say, “Anne doesn’t have one, does she?”

Almost – I almost have a membership site for a class on book writing I’ll be launching before too awfully long, I promise.

And the way I’m learning how to do this, how to create a membership class is through the Blog Mastermind class. That link will get you a free report on membership sites by Yaro Starak – yes, it pitches the class, but there’s valuable info that will help you see how a membership site might work for you.

The class opened today, Oct. 27; it will close midnight on the 30th, EST. I don’t know why he does it this way, but he does.

If you’re curious, The Daniel Scocco Interview is a long video about Daniel’s success. There’s also a .pdf if you prefer – I do.

And yes, in the interest of full disclousure, if you buy through these links I make some money.


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  • Super idea, Anne! It gets the wheels turning.
    .-= Lori´s last blog ..Working Like a Pro =-.

  • Andy B

    I guess it depends on the value/services you can extract by being a member vs what you can obtain from the site and elsewhere by not paying. Overall you’ll need a fairly successful product – whether its information or a service to monetize this way.

    But its food for thought. And there maybe some kudos in being a member of some sites – “im a problogger subscriber etc…”

    Nice blog


    PS: Watch the ‘r’ in the title 🙂

    • Anne

      lol… I need an editor! I’ve always known that and get one for many things… blogging moves too fast for an editor. I’ll put the R in, thanks

  • Great article. I do have a blog for my Savvy-Writer.com. I never thought about turning it into a membership site. I do have a couple of life coaching sites. I could turn them into membership sites as well. Thanks for the idea!
    .-= Rebecca´s last blog ..Formula for Success: Find It, Like It, Buy It =-.

  • Anne,
    I had been wanting to start a blog for ages…a proper one on a niche topic, one that I would be consistent with etc. After all those blogspots and blogger blogs I created and forgot about, I had given up…when I read 1)your advice to new freelance writers to start a blog 2) the link to Yaro’s Become a Blogger course on your site in June/July 09. It was the first time I had ever hear about Yaro Starak and the fact that you endorsed his course and trusted him played a big role in me checking his course out. Of course, his and Gideon’s presentation skills and honest talk did the rest. I signed up for BAB on the last day just after reading your post, decided on a topic based on their advice and have been posting to my blog for a few months now. Thanks to you, in large part!! Have been meaning to write for a while.
    I hope and believe that I will turn my blog into a profitable venture some time soon, but right now, am still very much in the beginning stages of creating useful content. I have neither built up enough traffic nor an email list, so a membership site may not be right for me at this time. Not sure if my thinking is right…
    Anyway, just wanted to let you know how much of a difference your blog makes…
    Thanks again,
    P.S : Wishing you the best with your own Membership site.
    .-= Rupa´s last blog ..Baby Books For Your Bundle of Energy =-.

    • Anne

      Good to hear, Rupa… I think the membership site works best if you have something like a class to pitch, although if you’ve got a big enough following, a forum can work… problogger has a paid forum – $1.98 a month… he’s got 2000 members. Seems like your baby book blog could grow to at least a paid forum… maybe an online class too.

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