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Landing Freelance Writing Gigs Online

fish for writing jobsMuch as I’d like to think so, I am not the only source for good advice about getting hired for freelance writing jobs, not even those that are listed online. Consider these:

What’s your favorite tip for landing writing gigs?




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  • Yes, and I note that Carol Tice, herself, still checks out Craig’s List ads, breaking Rule 2 under Rule 9. Craig’s is problematic, however, with a very high flake factor. The question is, do you have time to sort through the wackazoids and the jobs based in East Bumptious, West Dakota, to find the one that might be worthwhile? If you’ve nothing better to do, go for it. I hired ~6 actors through Craig’s this summer, so I found it effective for my purposes.

    Tice’s rule that I really don’t agree with is Rule 5: Skip anyone who says they pay by PayPal. PayPal does have some checks and balances that checks don’t. Whether you get $1.95 or 19.95, at least you know it will clear; you just have to negotiate in advance what you’ll work for, as in any other ad. PayPal has nothing to do with that. It’s just another way to get paid, and not a bad one, either, in my opinion.
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    • Anne

      Good point re paypal… I love being paid by paypal.

      Re cl – maybe one way to say it is to only answer ads that make sense to you… too good to be true, don’t bother. Wanting lots of articles, skip that. Co-author a book skip unless the ad makes it clear there is cash available, etc. etc.

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