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questionsignHi Anne,

I am a follower of your job list and really appreciate what you do.

I’ve been working as a freelance writer for about two years now and I think it’s time to get a website. I can’t figure out whether to hire someone to create the website for me or try to create one using an online service. I’ve looked at Godaddy.com but I don’t like the templates listed there. They all look too canned. Is there another online website that allows you to build a website with templates that you could recommend? Also is there a place where I could look at other freelance writers’ websites to get some ideas?

Thanks for your help!



Hi SN,

Glad you find the blog useful.

Yes, it’s certainly time to get a website of your own, or better yet, your own blog. The reason I like blogs so much is they are truly easy to update – a major consideration even if you’re only adding a new credit or two. And it’s perfectly okay to use a blog as an almost static website.

As far as design goes, hiring a web designer can be your best bet even for a blog. It means someone else will handle all the pesky code that underlies every site. Again, you want to be able to update the content without paying your designer every time you want to add a link, so a blog is often the best way to go.

Of course, with WordPress you can do it all yourself and there are a gagillion free templates out there to chose from. Or you can use a designer.

I currently use Bob Moyer who sets up my hosting and does some graphics for me. If you use his hosting through this link, I’ll make a nickel or so, but more importantly he can design for you or help you get it done yourself. Setting up WordPress through his control panel is a breeze. He can get your domain name, everything.

Before I found Bob I used 1and1.com as my host. They also have some templates and some ability to set up a WordPress blog.

But, the important thing is to get your own site ASAP – template or not.

As far as looking at other sites, the blog roll here over on the right links to a bunch of writers and googling freelance writers will get you more than you could ever look at.

Good luck. Let us know about your site when it’s up.

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  • I think it’s because I didn’t write http:// in my links. D’oh!

  • Thanks for your good work. Keep it up.
    Advise me on how I can get a good software for writing articles quickly. I have been using manual but it is tiresome.
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  • I would most definitely recommend using wordpress. I’d also recommend getting your own URL. I paid for my site for a year for £50 (not sure what that is in US $) but I thought it quite reasonable. I am currently using templates that I found for free online. However, I am currently preparing a wordpress site behind the scenes, as it has such a user-friendly interface, tons of ‘plugins’ (which are like add-ons on FireFox) and, as Anne said, billions of different ‘themes’ to suit everyone. I really like the Arras Theme (magazine-y) but it’s not really suitable for my purposes.

    Good luck with your website!


    • Anne

      Tannice, yes, your own url, hopefully with your own name, is the best way to go imo… at today’s rate, $50 = about $80US and is certainly in a reasonable range. I don’t know why the url you provided is broken… it’s on my end not yours, but it’s http://www.arrastheme.com/

  • Hannah

    Thanks for this info, Anne, and others who have commented. This is very helpful to an unpublished beginner. I’m bookmarking this article.

  • Hi Anne – totally agree with you! I hired a designer for my website. There’s no way I could attempt that myself. I tried, but oh my lord. I was over my head! Some people have the aptitude for design (and more specifically, design software). While I can envision it, I don’t have the level of experience on the software to do a good job.

    If SN is still wanting to go the template way, there’s that new Microsoft freebie web hosting. I’ve not tried it, so I can’t speak to its templates, reliability or anything. But something maybe to check out.

  • Feel free to check out my Web site — I used a teenage Web designer from my local high school who was $12 an hour. I highly recommend this route for those on a budget — the kids know it all and they’re very affordable! Though not always available — have to be a little patient as they tend to fit your work in around soccer practice, exam studying, etc.

    But writer Web sites are not terrifically complicated, and this can be a great way to go if you’re not into learning Web site design, which I’m sooo not.

    Recently, he did a free redesign because he felt like learning how to use a new template or something. It’s almost not like work to them. I had a great experience with him…unfortunately now he’s too busy senior year and I’m hunting a replacement!

    Best of luck with it —

    Carol Tice

    • Anne

      Good Advice Carol… the only caution I’d add is make sure you know how you’re going to update it or get it updated when the student leaves school and goes on her own way.

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