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Queries? Should you? How To, Etc. Resource Roundup Tuesday

[tuesday]Although to most of the world the word, query, to ask a question, among freelance writers it has a much more specific meaning. Dictionary.com defines it as:

an inquiry from a writer to an editor of a magazine, newspaper, etc., regarding the acceptability of or interest in an idea for an article, news story, or the like: usually presented in the form of a letter that outlines or describes the projected piece.

But this definition doesn’t tell the whole story. A query is really a sales piece. The writer is trying to sell an editor or agent on an idea in hopes of getting a contract and earning some money.  It’s important that when you write a query you remember that you’re really writing a sales letter or sales proposal.

With that in mind, here are some blogs about queries that you may find helpful:

Do you have a favorite resource about queries? Tell us about it.


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  • Thanks for these great resources, Anne! I love Linda Formichelli and Diana Burrell’s Query Letters That Rock. They’re always my go-to source. I see you recommend them too!
    .-= Mary@Adventures In Freelancing´s last blog ..Free Teleclasses From Linda Formichelli of The Renegade Writer =-.

    • Anne

      You’re more than welcome Mary, glad you’re here.

  • Bruce


    I have a query ( the other type ) and I may as well ask it here..

    Yesterday was the first time I have ever approached an editor. I didn’t write a query letter; I just wrote an email. I had written an article and wanted to get it published. I searched magazine websites for appropriate names and addresses and found two. I emailed both editors, who both responded, and both requested to read my piece – which I duly sent.

    The question is:

    Is trying to pitch to two editors at the same, with the same piece, acceptable?

    I’ve tried to find this answer myself and I have about 50/50 split between yes/no.

    Can someone help me with this?

    Thanks & regards.


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