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Who knows why, but this morning I decided to search on twitter using the words, freelance writing. Most of the posts seemed to be pointing to questionable job listings.

unhappytwitterNext I tried just writing. Found a decent article on web writing aimed at getting to the top on Google called Content is King.

How to Write an Article Fast is aimed at internet marketers but contains some basic, useful rules.

While  was looking at those, another 76 entries showed up – making me wonder!

The search phrase How To Write brought another article billed as writing for the web called 20 Tips on How to Write for the Web, but there are good tips for any writer there.

Geeze, I may do this once and awhile, but unless a bunch of you find this worthwhile I doubt I’ll do it regularly… lots of dross out there. But we knew that 😉

Let me know.

If you want to follow me on twitter it’s: http://twitter.com/AnneWayman


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  • T

    More iffy job listings than anything else, I agree… I tweet when I update my blog, but my stuff is more inspirational/”food for thought” than business based. I like @Quotes4Writers, @fuelyourwriting, @Mike_Stelzner, @thecreativepenn, and of course, you, Anne!
    .-= T´s last blog ..Children, Guilt, and Writing Centers =-.

  • Gregg Morris


  • Anne

    Gregg… moving right into cliche land, it may be a case of the pot calling the kettle… 😉

  • Gregg Morris

    Are you saying we writer types are a little “wordy”?

  • Gregg Morris

    That’s funny. I did very same thing Friday evening. I thought for sure that with the number of NY Times bestselling fiction and business authors starting to use Twitter the search on “writing” and “writers” would yield much more than it did. Like your results, “freelance writing” was a waste of time. I wonder why it is that there’s so little talk about the craft given the large number of practitioners using the service?

    • Anne

      Maybe you and I are early adopters? Maybe most can’t get it said in 140 characters? Maybe journalism would be a better term, or classified ad writers?

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