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Vote For The Best Fiction

twitter_logo_sAmazing what you can find on Twitter. For example, yesterday there was this entry: WeberBooksYou can vote for best fiction winner in National Book Awards on the Web http://bit.ly/15wRrG

WeberBooks is Steve Weber. Steve is an author specialising in making money online, including how to sell books there (or is it here?). He also blogs at Plug Your Book.

The tweeted link points to an announcement that National Book Foundation, the folks who bring us the National Book Award, are holding a contest. It’s called Who wrote The Best of the National Book Awards Fiction?

You get about a month to make up your mind and vote and someone will win two tickets to the 60th National Book Awards on November 18, 2009. And yes, two nights at a good hotel will also be awarded to the winner.

So go vote… come back and tell us who you voted for and if you win, let us know that too.


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