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Is Social Media Driving You Crazy? 5 Blogs to Sort You Out – Resource Roundup Tuesday

tin cansIs social media driving you crazy? It’s making me slightly nuts.

I get two or three invitations to join, make a friend with, or connect with someone every day. Sometimes it’s Linkedin, often it’s Facebook. Plaxo seems to show up often too.

A friend sent me an invite to Spokeo – which apparently is a meta social media engine of some sort.

The thought of a meta social media platform exhausts me.

Then there’s Twitter… how in the world can you follow hundreds or thousands of people? I can’t.

So here are some blogs that may help sort me, and possibly you, out when it comes to social media:

  • Even Carmichael, who blogs to small business, had gathered together The Top 50 Social Media Blogs Of The Year. The few I’ve looked at seem quite helpful… but 50? Sigh.
  • About Online Marketing Blog has an article called Facebook & Blog Promotion. This article tells you how to maximize your marketing using Facebook as an example. This kind of effort, which would take a whole bunch of time, is what I suspect many mean when they talk about using social media to market. Not at all sure I’m up for this.
  • Pandemic Labs brings some sanity to all this with their Viral Dictionary. They also have a blog called Context over Dogma – I like it. I’m going to add this one to my feed reader ’cause I suspect it’s really good.
  • Problogger has put together Using Social Media Sites to Grow Your Blog’s Traffic. Even if you don’t have a blog, working your way through even part of this list will clarify much about social media.
  • Finally, Business Week has a series of articles and multi-media presentations called How Executives Should by Using Social Media. There are both pros and cons here.

Whew – that’s only five items, but probably 75 things to read or more – so pick and choose. If you find one particularly helpful, come back and tell us about it.

Do you have a favorite source of good info about Social Media? Tell us about it.


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  • I have to agree. I attended a webinar on social media yesterday and they estimated the amount of time that an entrepreneur should be spending on social networking in order to get their ROI and it was a minimum of 1-2 hours a day and that was how long it would take if you knew what you were doing, which many don’t. I know that as wearer of all hats in my business, there is no way I can devote that much time to it, yet as a freelance writer I need to be educated on the topic. Sylvain’s suggestion that you monitor it wisely and filter the irrelevant is great advice.

  • I’m afraid the only way to get the most out of social media (without going crazy) is to monitor it wisely. Identify what you like and what preoccupies you, monitor it using Google Alerts or another monitoring tool, and filter this information thereafter. Hence, you won’t spend hours everyday filtering out what was said everywhere. You’ll know exactly who wrote about a specific subject and where. No one can read what 1,200 followers tweet daily or read the hundreds of rss feeds they’ve subscribed to.

    Social media generates too much information for one brain (and one life).

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