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Looking For, and Finding Solutions

I’m reading Rich Brother Rich Sister, the book by Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad Poor Dad fame and his sister Emi Kiyosaki, whose name as a Buddhist nun in Tenzin Kacho. It’s a reasonably interesting book that attempts to show how the secular and spiritual worlds are really two sides of the same coin.

In it, Robert talks eloquently about his relationship with R. Buckminster Fuller. Bucky Fuller was a marvelously clear thinker who anticipated and provided possible solutions for many of the problems we have today. This video gives just a taste:

You can find out more about Bucky and the challenge for this year at The Buckminster Fuller Institute.

You can also read his book, Critical Path. It’s one of those wonderfully challenging books – am going to start rereading it today.

How do you think about problems?


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  • Well, it was an unusual experience, looking back. When I was 14 I also worked at a camp across the road from Taliesin in Spring Green, Wisc. The owners were Wright architects–I knew Wes Peters, etc. Wright had died shortly before this time. It was cult-like. For one thing, no one was supposed to read The Fountainhead, so that is where I read it, of course. I have these one-off experiences, but don’t know how to put them in context. They just are. I think everyone has these. See—you saw Bucky Fuller. How many people can say that?
    .-= Star´s last blog ..Even old hands get jammed up =-.

  • I can learn from anyone.

    I wasn’t actually starting out to say that, but that’s what problems are. I can moan and mope. When I hear about someone else, I can find a lot of reasons to dislike and criticize them.

    Or I can ask, what can I learn?
    .-= Angie Dixon´s last blog ..Potential Clients and the Bellyometer =-.

  • Wow–hearing Bucky’s voice brought back memories. He used to hold court at
    Southern Illinois University, where I attended for one yr and dated a guy in the design dept–we used to go to Bucky’s little blue Dymaxion pod and he would talk, and talk. I would listen to anything he had to say over our WH overseers today!
    .-= Star´s last blog ..Even old hands get jammed up =-.

    • Anne

      I only heard him once… I envy you 😉

  • Oh, I agree. Buckminster Fuller is a fascinating man, who created his own ecology of ideas and architecture on his own, as well as his philosophy of living. The Dymaxion Car and House concepts were visionary for their time, and I’m not sure why they were never adopted…

  • There’s enough information about there not to trust Kiyosaki, primarily:


    It includes a comment about Fuller.

    Again, take with a lick of salt, but any guru who promotes Amway and partners with Trump….

    • Anne

      Sigh… Jonathan, the Kiyosaki book mentioned, Rich Brother/Rich Sister, has nothing whatsoever to do with his seminars, board games, approach to money making etc. Instead it’s the about the contrast between his life and his sister’s.

      His relationship or lack of it with Bucky Fuller takes away nothing from the Bucky’s teachings, inventions or the BFI’s annual challenge.

      Apparently I didn’t make my point at all… which was Bucky’s ideas and the BFI are truly interesting and probably worth tracking.

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