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How Much To Talk About Communications? Ask Anne The Pro Writer

Questions about freelance writingHi Anne,

I’ve been invited to address a group their  annual conference.  The topic requested of me – very generally – is improved communications among that group’s members.
Based on your many experiences at the podium, do you have a recommendation about how I structure my fee?
Hi JH,
I have many podium experiences but all but a very few have been for free and have little or nothing to do with writing, but thanks for your confidence in me.
Here’s how I would approach it:
  • Travel – irs is what, up to almost 50 cents a mile? they should pay your expenses to and from – and if it’s a long distance that includes air… maybe even business class.
  • If you’re overnight, they pay for your hotel and meals.
  • If you want to be at the conference for any reason you can ask to be comped in.
I’d say at a minimum an hour for the talk itself, at least two or three prep time – so what, five hours at your regular rate more or less plus expenses?

Okay, since I really don’t know what I’m talking about here, who knows the real answer to JH’s question? Share it here.

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  • I think your fee structure is right on, Anne. The difference between speakers would be what is the rate for the 5 hours? That is the rate you may want to look up and see whatthe competition is charging, right?

    • Anne

      You could look at the competition or just set the rate you know is right for you.

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