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5 Blogs About Writing – Resource Roundup Tuesday

[tuesday]Sometimes it’s helpful, encouraging and even inspirational to read some other blogs about writing. Here are some blogs about non-fiction writing.

  • BREVITY’s Creative Nonfiction Blog is the blog forBrevity Magazine which apparently publishes essays – worth chekcking out I think. The blog gathers interesting stuff from other publications, some of which also appear in the magazine.
  • Welcome to the Hinterlands says it’s “dedicated (mostly, with a sideline in saving the world) to discussing everything narrative nonfiction.” That seems a pretty good description of what’s there to me.
  • One Voice ~ Write Right is mostly poetry and quote collections. A window on one writer’s thinking.
  • Write Livelihood is a blog about writing for a living.
  • Editing Angles for Non-fiction Authors – some good stuff here, from an editor’s point of view. Book mark this one.

These, of course, aren’t the only ones – just some I found today.

What are your favorite writing blogs?


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