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Freelance Writing Jobs For Friday, August 21, 2009

world map for writersWe have 90 (!)  freelance writing, blogging jobs, editing jobs and translation jobs for you today.

How to get freelance writing jobs is a category listing articles about getting freelance writing jobs and the article, How to land a writing job is an article aimed at helping you when you apply to one of the freelance writing jobs listed here.

  1. Blog Writer for Employment Website
  2. Freelance Writer(s)
  3. Editor Needed ASAP!
  4. Market Research Analyst
  5. Food & Coffee Writer
  6. Grant Writer- $30.00 hourly
  7. Reporter needed to cover public affairs
  8. Looking for Writer for Weekly Personal Profiles
  9. Sponsorship proposal / promotional writing guru
  10. Freelance Writers Wanted for Web Content
  11. Freelance Writer – High Def Enthusiasts
  12. Freelance Writer Required
  13. Gameday Maryland Seeks Freelance Writer
  14. Hiring Freelance Writers
  15. Freelance Writer – Gardening/Home Improvement
  16. Freelance Writers for SocialJane.com
  17. Freelance Writer(s) – Medical
  18. Medical Writer – Freelance (Remote)
  19. Freelance Writer – Web Content and Printed Brochure
  20. Copywriter Needed for SEO Content of Online Gourmet Food Store
  21. Senior Copywriter – Freelance
  22. Bilingual Spanish-English Ad Copywriter needed
  23. nxtlvl Magazine accepting articles
  24. Freelance for food/lifestyle online news magazine
  25. Blog Post Writer
  26. Photography Blogger
  27. Start a Chicago Sports Blog
  28. Technical White Papers and Bloggers Required by a Leading Workflow/BPM Company
  29. Celebrity Blogger
  30. Engineering Blogger
  31. English to Chinese Website translation
  32. Weight Loss Surgery Website Article Writer
  33. Website writing job
  34. Need professional book review written
  35. Ghostwriter for book publisher/leadership book
  36. Freelance English Proofreaders Wanted
  37. Freelance Copy Editors for academic press
  38. Public Relations (PR) Contractor – Education
  39. Press release writer – Experience only please
  40. Looking for Food/Humor Press Release Writer
  41. Technical Writers on File Sharing Software
  42. Tech/Design Writer Needed
  43. Dissertation Reviewer/Editor
  44. Writer/Editor Combo to Write Reviews
  45. Resume Writer Needed
  46. Seasoned Screenwriter/Script Writer
  47. Writers needed
  48. Start a Chicago Sports Blog
  49. Bloggers and Reviewers
  50. Risk Mgmt & Safety Expert Writer
  51. Looking for Chicago meeting/event planners
  52. Transcriber
  53. Talented Writer Needed
  54. Education Foundation Grant Writer
  55. Easy web content writing
  56. Virtual Assistants/ Writers Wanted
  57. Outdoors/Hiking Writers Wanted
  58. Freelance Writers Wanted for Web Content
  59. Writer
  60. My Success Story
  61. Help us create the #1 Real Estate Finance Textbook in the Market
  62. Writers Needed to Write Daily
  63. Financial Writer for Dividend Newsletter
  64. Farsi and Hebrew interpreter needed
  65. German Voice Over Talent with ISDN Hook Up Needed
  66. Write About Los Angeles Sports!
  67. Bloggers Wanted
  68. Writers Wanted For Cosmetic Procedures
  69. Architecture, Design, Art Writer Sought

  70. Established website seeks Editor in Chief
  71. Write About New York Sports!
  72. Editor/ Writer work with Publisher
  73. Writers Wanted for research work
  74. Need stories about lawyers
  75. Copy writer
  76. Literary submission
  77. Writers and Editors Wanted
  78. Experienced Writer
  79. Foreign Language freelance work
  80. Environmental Website Writer
  81. Creative Ad Writer Needed
  82. Food & Coffee Writer

Low Paying Gigs:

  1. Freelance Business Writing
  2. Freelance Writer – Finance & Loan
  3. Personal essays wanted for online magazine
  4. Writing intern needed for wedding website

Might Be Worth Considering:

  1. Producer looking for Film Writing
  2. Freelance Writer Needed
  3. Freelance/Part-time Social Media Writer
  4. Medical Writers Needed!

Canadian writing job seekers may find what they want at the Canadian Freelance Writing Jobs Blog. Deb Ng publishes jobs at Freelance WritingGigs as does Jennifer Mattern at All Freelance Writing.

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  • Anne

    Agree… try not to publish ads to hire writers to write papers… not always easy to tell…

  • Anne

    Barbara, any ad requesting pix should be ignored. If I’ve published any, I apologize.

  • Barbara

    One more thing. The Internet has brought practices out of the woodwork that in my day we knew were not honest or ethical (if not downright illegal). One of these is writing academic papers for someone. Companies have even been set up with a stable of writers to do papers for students. If anyone believes because a company was formed that this practice is okay, it isn’t! Good professors know their students and catch this sort of thing (and in fact I used to), but it is an unsavory business, and even if you need money, you should consider that it is not the right thing to do. People who want academic degrees need to earn them. I have offered to teach people how to research and write a paper. But I will not write someone’s paper; I will edit it.

  • Barbara

    It is illegal to request a picture from a job/gig candidate. Having said that, there are a couple of ads requesting pictures that quite frankly don’t feel kosher to me. Anyone who wants a picture from a ghostwriter because, oh, you’ll have to acocmpany this person, etc., etc. is nonsense. If a publisher were truly interested in getting a good ghostwriter, the first concern is not looks and, even if it were a concern of the associate, anyone could be eliminated later. But sounds phony to me. Also ad that wants a copy editor but requests a picture? Things are pretty bad these days, and that means there are plenty of scams out there.

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