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Join Anne’s Affiliate Program – Beta sorta

annesaffiliateSome of you may have noticed the Make Money – Anne’s Affiliate Banner over there on the right (and here on the left). Here’s what’s going on:

Although I’ve sort of had an affiliate program for a couple of years, it’s only now that I’m beginning to focus on it and make sure it works and works well. This means that if you’ve got a web site or an email list or both you can make some money off of me by selling my ebooks and my classes.

Classes you ask?

Remember that survey awhile back? A whole bunch of you said you’d seriously consider taking a class from me so in the next month or so I’m going to launch an online class with a working title of Writing Your Book With Vision and Spirit.

As always I’ll be paying a 50% commission which means if you sell a $100 worth, you get $50. The way you do that is by becoming an affiliate.

Your first step is to click on the banner or on this become an affiliate link and join. No cost to you at all.

You’ll get your own affiliate link – one that will tell me and the program every time you send a visitor to my “store” or make a sale. When someone buys from your link, you and I both make money. It’s all supposed to be easy and transparent.

At this point the affiliate program is pretty raw. I’ve tested it, but you know how that goes. In other words, I need your help. Join, let me know if it works or doesn’t or what needs to be changed.

Right now there are only ebooks available – you may want to buy one or not, or pitch one or more on your site or to your ezine list. Or not. When the class is launched you may want to take it or promote it or both. And no, I don’t know the exact price yet, so I can’t tell how much either of us will make from a sale. That will come later.

Beta test, comment here or by email, and thanks!


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  • Hi Anne,
    I’m looking for some affiliate links for my blog. I’ll give yours a try. I’m going to work on getting things organized with Clickbank and paypal so everything works smoothly.
    Looking forward to generating lots of dollars with you,
    .-= Cheryl´s last blog ..Go-Girl! Stand Up and Pee – Now You Can Choose! =-.

  • Omar

    How long is the course?

    • Anne

      Omar, it’s probably going to be 26 weeks… a module a week for 6 months… something like that… would that work fo you?

  • Great idea, Anne! Once I get some of this more critical work done this week, I’ll join ClickBank and be your affiliate. If you don’t see it on my site in a week, remind me. My brain is on catch-up mode right now. 🙂

    • Anne

      No worries Lori, as this class develops you’ll be hearing more and more 😉

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