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Wanna Learn Copywriting? A Book Review

Copywriting can be one of the most lucrative kinds of freelance writing you’ll ever find. People are willing to pay good copywriters  Back in January 2007, Karen Gedney, of ClickZ, says that she sees rates for good copywriters coming in at $65 to $200 an hour. Of course, if you’re just learning the copywriting trade you can expect a much lower hourly rate.

Learning copywritng has, however, gotten a bit easier with Susan Gunelius’ new book, Kick-ass Copywriting in 10 Easy Steps.You might recognize Susan’s name from her gig as the guide to weblogs over at about.com, but she’s got her own copywriting business and Entrepreneur Magazine published her book – pretty good recommendations in my opinion. Not only that, the forward is by Brian Clark of Copyblogger fame. You can’t get better than that.

I like this book. It lives up to the subtitle of Build the Buzz and Sell the Sizzle. But first she makes the case why you, and anyone with a business, even the smallest, need to learn something about copywriting. This information is perfect for the freelance writing looking to create some copywriting business.

Next, she shows you exactly how to shift your thinking away from what you want, and even from what your client wants to discover what the person you’re selling to wants. For that’s what copywriting is all about – getting someone to do something, usually to buy something.

Which is why it’s so valuable. After all, none of us would be in business if people didn’t buy our services. That’s true for the company’s that hire copywriters too. Susan makes it almost easy to switch your focus so people are apt to buy from the copy you write.

Her book does more than just show you how to copywrite well. Susan puts it into real-world context with chapters on how blogging and social media work with copywriting, discussion of branding and design and a whole chapter called Samples and Practical Examples. There’s also a glossary, and a good one, an, to help you get started on any copywriting an outline of the copywriting process.

Susan calls it an outline; I call it a form. Step by step she leads you through the process, giving you blanks to fill in so at the end you have each and every element you need to do a great job for yourself or your client.

You may want to order Kick-ass Copywriting in 10 Easy Steps: Build the Buzz and Sell the Sizzle (Entrepreneur Magazine) now.


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  • Thanks for the review. I definitely agree that every business should learn about copywriting, and in particular freelance writers – because even if they don’t intend to write copy, the principles can be applied to other forms of writing, such as blog posts and articles. It sounds like a great read. I may have to add it to my extensive list of Must Read books.

    Paul Hancox

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