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Easy and Brilliant Antivirus Software For Writers

ESET NOD32 Antivirus - Save 25%Protecting yourself from virus infection, malware, phishing schemes and who knows what kinds of threats are out there ganging up on your computer should be easy and without program bloat or creep – you know what I mean.

It’s that software product you bought years ago and every time you need to upgrade it, it takes more and more space and, even worse, slows things down.

Of course, antivirus software must be updated to work, and for years and years I used one of the biggie programs / services. The last couple of years I’ve been unhappy with them because I never knew what it was doing and sometimes it would try to add “features” I didn’t understand or didn’t want. I knew I needed something but didn’t know what to switch to.

I often catch at least part of the Leo Laporte show. He’s become my computer guy since the last one got rich and left town. Leo likes ESET NOD32 and when my subscription to the big guy’s service was close to ending I signed up.

It’s small, it’s fast and it works against malware and phishing as well as providing solid anti-virus protection.

This is another of those products I recommend heartily and use myself.

Save some money with this link: ESET NOD32 Antivirus – Save 25% (And yes, this is an affiliate link – if you buy through any of the links to ESET on this site I make a bit of money.)

By the way, NOD32 is now also available for Macs – they saw the need developing and they met it.

Protect yourself so you can…

Write well and often,

Anne Wayman freelance writer
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  • Gwynneth

    Addendum to post below: I clicked on the NOD link above and was treated to a HUGE warning sign in red, courtesy of WOT! Not going there. Re: Avast: I used that too and found it substandard. Any free product is unlikely to do all that you need. If I were to go with something free, it would be Comodo. They provide a firewall as well as an anti-virus suite for free. This is good, since Microsoft’s firewall is not the greatest.

    • Anne

      re nod32… just checked all the links and didn’t get the warning. Not sure why you did, but I’ve been using the software for almost two years now with no problem what-so-ever.

  • Gwynneth

    Sorry to disagree, but after using AVG for a few years and having it NOT catch some very nasty Trojan sub-7’s and a Klez worm, and disabling TWO computers, I switched to Norton Internet Security with my new computer.

    My ONLY problem with it so far has been that it missed a Trojan dowloaded via my son’s Microsoft Zune MP3 player! After performing a system recovery, I had to call Norton to get back the days I had left on my subscription (it had set it back to the “Trial” period of 60 days, by default). The tech support people were incredibly patient and helpful, and since then, I have had no problems.

    My son has Norton 360 on his laptop, scans daily (overkill, but better than his former ways!) and has no infections either.

    I also supplement Norton with Windows Malicious Software Removal tool, and Firefox add-ons (essential!): N0Script (prevents “clickjacking”), Request Policy, Ghostery (blocks tracking cookies) and both Cookie Culler and “Beef Taco”, that block and clear all types of cookies, including LSO and flash ones.

    Another excellent add-on is WOT, which uses reports on site safety to notify you before you click on a site. These are essential because NO anti-virus software can stand up alone against all the malware out there!

    • Anne

      I used nortons and/or mcafee for years… now they are both hugly bloated and slow down performance. My computer speeded up when I switched from norton to nod 32

  • I’m using Avast right now, and Malwarebytes. They seem to work pretty well but like Robert said, the free versions don’t auto-update. I try to run them once a week just to maintain things.
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    • Yeah, Nod32 not only updates itself without me but if there’s a problem it lets me know, it also let’s me know if my most recent windoz updated hasn’t worked. Good program, truly.

  • Personally, being a part time writer and full time computer and network professional I never use a suite. Those are the programs that gunk up you system and you can never fully uninstall them either. I like Leo too, but I don’t like anything that has to do with a suite.

    I use two programs that are absolutely FREE and I have been virus free for more than seven years.
    The first product is the antivirus program AVG.

    There is a paid version too, but that is the suite…

    The second is a malware protection program called Malwarebytes.

    There is a paid version of this as well and I have that. The only difference between the paid version and free version is that the free version you have to update manually by clicking update, versus, it being set to download and update by with no further input from you.
    And I don’t get anything back from purchase. Hope this helps those with a little less money and still wants great protection.

    • Anne

      Hi Robert, I ran the AVG program for a long time, then disaster struck… as I said in my review, I trust Leo Laporte and the NOD32 is so much less resource intensive than any of the big brands – it’s been working well for me for over two years now. And picking up the malware stuff too. Auto update is something I’ve come to like even though I don’t exactly approve of it.

  • I had a failed installation of Norton about 7 years ago, and I’ll never, ever let any Norton product be installed on my machines. I got numerous error messages telling me to uninstall & reinstall Norton AV. I tried that again and again, but it wouldn’t uninstall 100%, and it wouldn’t install, either. They wanted a credit card number to use their help desk, which I didn’t want to give out. I found a patch program to help uninstall, but it didn’t work completely. I finally found a 3rd party patch that let me really uninstall the program. Needless to say, I never reinstalled it, once I succeeded in getting it off. It had already caused me more trouble than any virus I’ve encountered. I had major registry problems later that I attribute to the failed installation. I got a new system, eventually. I use Avira now, and I’ve used AVG, too.
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    • Anne

      I’ve never had that sort of problem with Norton’s, but I’m sure glad to be shed of it.

  • James

    How would you compare this anti virus software to AVGFree? That is what I use and I have had great success with it. Thanks!

    • Anne

      James, AVGFree is better than no anti-virus and years ago I used their software. A tech I trusted suggested it might not be enough. So I can’t compare.

      I don’t know how well AVG prevent malware which is, in my mind, an even bigger concern right now than viruses. I don’t want either and I trust Leo LaPorte… I’d used Norton’s for years but it was getting more and more expensive, offering more bells and whistles I didn’t want and starting to slow things down for me. NOD32 has been great… it updates itself with no fuss and briefly let’s me know it’s done so… runs totally in background other than that. And it shows no sign of slowing anything down.

      Does that help? They have a free trial if you want to give it a whirl.

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