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A Look At Book Contracts

contract-signitureAlthough there’s really no such thing as a ‘standard book contract,’ it is possible to establish a checklist of what may be in one. Chuck Sambuchino, an editor with Writer’s Digest Books and the editor / blogger at Guide To Literary Agents has a post called Leah’s “12 Points of Contracts.”

The ‘Leah’ referred to is Leah Hultenschmidt, an editor with Dorchester Publishing. Her article, Getting the Call, lists the 12 items she goes over each time she signs a writer.

It’s an interesting post and has some information that’s new to me, including her statement that the royalty percentage is often based at least in part on the book’s format. She also includes a short list of questions authors might want to add.

If you’re writing a book for trade publication, book mark this article and use it as a guide when you get to the contract signing stage.


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  • Brick

    Thx for the post Anne. Just bought a book on understanding writing contracts.

    • Anne

      If you like the book and want to review it here in 500 or so words you’d get a link back to whatever – and appreciation… no pay.

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