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What’s The Rate For A Blog Post? I Don’t Know! Ask Anne The Pro Writer

question marksHi, Anne,

I follow your blog with interest. Good information, thanks.

A question about setting rates. What would be a reasonable rate for a short post, say 300-500 words (assuming some but not extensive experience) on the part of the writer?


Elizabeth (in comments)

Hi Elizabeth,

I’m glad you find the blog helpful.

This is what I call a “how long is a piece of string” question. By that I mean I have no way of giving you a specific answer that will make sense for you.

You’ve got to figure what your time is worth, how long it would take you to do a post of that length, how much research you’d need to do for each post

You’d also need to consider if it’s a repeating job. Do they want one post? One a week? A day? Several a day?

Is the topic something you know or want to know about?

Will your name show on the blog? If it does is that a real advantage to you or just an ego stroke?

Is the writing you do for the blog likely to lead to more clients or better paying clients?

Do you see what I mean? You can find prices for blog posts all over the map; you’ve got to develop your own charges. I can only ask you the questions and urge you not to under charge.

[ask anne]


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  • Thanks!! Very helpful.


  • Brick

    Last spring I left a blog network that was ‘revenue share’ only, which amounted to about $2 per blog. They wanted at least 20-250 word posts with one picture, one outside link and one inside link. Thats harder than it sounds, at least it was for me, having eight blogs with them. I”m no longer with them, as it was eating much of my time (plus there were contract issues). If I ever went back to blogging, I would ask for $10-20 per post, or $200-400 per month per blog. I may be way off base, but lower than that and you’re wasting precious research/writing time, and thats not cost effective.

  • Anne

    thanks Lori… any idea what that works out, on average, an hour?

  • Good question, Anne. I charge $50 per post for what Elizabeth is asking about. Same length. I also have a client who expects blog posts for $25 per. I won’t go lower than that, and frankly, that’s pretty low for me. But mine require research. Some blog posts are so easy to write that $25 per is a good rate.
    .-= Lori´s last blog ..The Stress and Interruption Train =-.

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