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Freelance Writing Jobs Monday July 20, 2009

email-queryWe start this week with 51  freelance writing jobs, blogging jobs, editing jobs and translation jobs.

If you get a response from one of the ads asking for money, don’t pay it; there’s no need to pay to get jobs and even if you do it usually doesn’t work. Come back here and tell us about it in comments, please to put others on alert.

If you’re new here or just want some help applying for writing etc. gigs online, the category How to get freelance writing jobs and the article, How to land a writing job may help  And when you land one, or two, or more, let us know!

  1. Start Up Sports web site needs your help
  2. Content Analyst Foreign Language
  3. Market Research Analyst
  4. Gadget Writer Wanted
  5. Freelance Writer/Reporter Needed

  6. Freelance Academic Writer Wanted
  7. Freelance Website Review Writers
  8. Freelance writer needed
  9. Freelance writing
  10. Writer – freelance
  11. Photo Studio Web Copywriter
  12. Copywriter – website & advertising copy
  13. Healthcare Copywriter – Creative Circle
  14. Trade magazine seeks experienced freelancers
  15. Blog Writers
  16. Vampire film blog
  17. Content Writer Reporter / Website Designer
  18. Content writer for COLLECTIBLES website
  19. Article Writers Needed
  20. Writer for web articles needed
  21. Press release needed
  22. Up and coming Journalist / Photojournalist needed immediately
  23. Copy Writer – Health Care Information Technology
  24. Telecommute Technical Writing Position
  25. Review Writers Needed
  26. Need help in having resume polished

  27. I need a new resume
  28. Credited Animation Screenplay Writer
  29. Blog/Newsletter creative writing
  30. Need help from experienced screenwriter
  31. Freelance Entertainment Writer
  32. Teen Music/Enteratinment Writer
  33. Write what you want, when you want, at Textbroker.com
  34. Personal Statement
  35. SBA Loan Writing – Business Plan
  36. Writer needed
  37. Online Writing
  38. Financial & Economics Writer
  39. Translators Needed
  40. Want Practice Test Writer
  41. Writer/Editor for 1-2 month project

Low Paying Gigs:

  1. Freelance Writing Teams Needed
  2. Freelance Writer – Digital Cameras
  3. Freelance Writer – Digital Camera How To’s
  4. Gossip Blogger – New Lead Writer
  5. Sustainable Technology and Design Bloggers Needed
  6. Articles Needed $10/ea
  7. Online Copy Editors
  8. American Sports Blogger
  9. Sports Blogger/Reporter

Might Be Worth Considering:

  1. Adventure Race Game Designer Wanted

Canadian writing job seekers may find what they want at the Canadian Freelance Writing Jobs Blog. Deb Ng publishes jobs at Freelance WritingGigsas does Jennifer Mattern at All Freelance Writing.


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