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Bids v. Budgets – Ask Anne The Pro Writer

questionsignHi Anne,

I just enjoy your newsletter it is so informative. I want to know if you can answer this question for me.

When bidding on a job, I am somewhat confused. For example on the get a freelancer site they give a budget range of $30-250 but I see   a lot of bidders start at $30 rather than go higher. Then they give a delivery time.  Sometimes the buyer will say they pay $1.00 per article, but writer bids $30.00.

I am missing something?

Can you clarify this if possible. I want to try this  but I want to have a better understanding.


Hi MA,

Glad you find the site useful. I don’t know that I can shed much like on how to bid. My hunch is the people bidding at the low end of the budget are fairly desperate, have no confidence in themselves or are trying to collect a few credits.

And the people who offer to write an article for $30 when the buyer says they will only pay a dollar? I’d like to think that bidder knows their worth and is insisting on a higher rate if they are to do the work.

I would suggest you always bid what you’re willing to do the work for without paying too much attention to what others are bidding. Oh, if you can determine the winning bids, or if several people who are well qualified are bidding in the same range, you may want to come in close to that, but don’t hesitate to ask for more. I’m told that some often get more than others, because they have excellent credits and they ask for more.



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  • Anne, I think I can help a wee bit here. The bidding system isn’t flexible enough for every job: the minimum budget is the 30-250 range, so a lot of folks use it. The people bidding $30 are either (a) using the minimum as a placeholder (they’ll often just put “Please see PMN” in their bid – “Please see Private Message Board” – and put the real offer in there) or (b) bidding for 30 articles at $1 (or 10 at $3 or whatever).

    Your advice of bidding what you’re worth is absolutely spot on. It isn’t always the lowest bid that gets the deal. Winning bids are displayed once the job is running, so you can also check back (that’s how I know the higher bids sometimes win!).

    I hate pointing folks to my blog from yours, but there’s a couple of posts on there about the bidding sites and some tips (written for Elance, but most will work on GAF as well).
    .-= SpikeTheLobster´s last blog ..Sponsored Blog Posts =-.

    • Anne

      Spike… no problems pointing folks to your blog… in fact tomorrow I’ll do a post about it… I don’t use bidding sites any more… so I’m not the expert.

      Thanks, as usual.

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