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Should I ask for pay? Ask Anne The Pro Writer

questions-about-writingHey Anne,
I’m in a weird situation. One of the regular readers of my blog is applying for an MBA school and has had to write several essays. He now wants me to go through his essays and correct them, edit them and basically do everything a proofreader does.

Now, I’m a professional, but he expects me to do it for free just because he follows my blog and follows me on Twitter.

Do I ask him for payment for the work that he wants me to do? My heart says yes, of course, because I’ll have to devote precious time and energy to do that kind of work, but if I have to do it, how do I do it?

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Aparajita Bhattacharya

Dear Aparajita,

Of course you charge him. Why wouldn’t you? If he really expects you to do it for free he’s just flat wrong.

I occasionally get requests like this and I don’t hesitate to email back saying something like, thanks for your confidence in me; I charge $xxx and hour for such a service.

I generally say no more than that, and I don’t think anyone has even pushed back. Either they say that’s okay, or I never hear from them again. Either is fine with me.

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