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Hourly Rates For Freelance Writers & Bloggers

writing_money_in_handThe Blog Hearld has an excellent series on blog jobs. But it’s not just for bloggers. All freelance writers, editors, translators, in fact anyone freelancing should take a close look at the second article in the series, Blogging Jobs: How Much Are Bloggers Paid to Blog?

It’s the sort of article on pay rates I wish I’d thought to write because it breaks the pay into several categories.

It looks at pay rates per word, then per post based on the per word rate.

Next it takes on the issue of time, including the average work week (1777), average income in the United States and then works out how many blog posts you’d have to make annually to earn $x dollars a year.

For reference, I generally post twice a day Monday through Friday, and once on Saturday and Sunday. That’s 624 posts in a year – give or take.

I strongly suggest you read and bookmark this so you can find it again when you’re considering how much you want to charge. The rest of the series is valuable too, but more specific to bloggers.

How do you get at the fees you charge?


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