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White Paper Boot Camp Savings Ends Soon

whitepaperearlybirdIt seems like I’ve been pitching a lot of classes or courses for writers recently. I have been, but only becuase the ones I like are coming close together. Now the deadline on saving money for the White Paper Boot Camp in San Diego is coming fast.

In fact, it’s Thursday, July 16th and if you register by then you’ll save a cool $200.

Aimed at any writer or business person who needs to create great White Papers and market them well, this conference is just what you need if you fit that bill. It’s ideal for freelance writers who want to work in this area because you’ll not only learn how to write a good, even excellent, white paper, it’s likely you’ll meet some potential clients or find some referrals.

Michael A. Stelzner has been called “the grandfather of white papers” by the Marketing Sherpa and he’s earned his excellent reputation.

Take a look and see if it fits you.

I can tell you the Hyatt in Mission Bay is a delight, The graphic is right on. I kayak by the hotel often. And if you come, get in touch. I’d love to meet you and share a cup of coffee.


Image from http://www.whitepaperbootcamp.com/

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