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Goals & Goal Setting For Writers – Resource Roundup Tuesday

[tuesday]We’re just past the middle of the year (already!) which is an excellent time to review the goals you set for the year. And if you didn’t set goals you can do it anytime, including now.

I work with Visions and goals because they work for me. Thinking through what I really want a couple of times a year, writing that down and working with those dreams during the year helps keep me on track.

Here are some resources that may help:

  1. Persistence Unlimited is a blog dedicated to helping you stay on track over the long haul.
  2. Writing Your Book With Vision is my own article about how to Vision for your book – or anything else.
  3. Garett Weber-Gale , a world-class swimmer talks about goal setting in this interview – it’s both a different and the same process.
  4. Jennifer Minar, a writer, breaks goal setting into 5 steps at Writer’s Break.com.
  5. Melanie Martin asks and answers How Should Fiction Writers Set Goals? and her suggestions will work on any longish piece of writing.
  6. Melissa Donovan wrote Year-End Review for Writers but it works as a good review process anytime.

Do you have a mid-year goal review process? Tell us about it, or why you don’t


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  • Thanks for the mention, Anne. I don’t do a mid-year review but I do keep my goals in mind all through the year. I think what I do is more of a weekly review. Gotta keep your eye on the ball!

    • Anne

      You’re welcome… I’m actually reviewing daily, 5 days a week, with a more elaborate review with my mm group every 6 months

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