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What If You Woke Up & Had No Email?

no emailWhat if you woke up and had no email? That’s what’s happened to me this morning. Of course, I don’t believe it. And I have emailed my tech guy, but he’s not up yet. And yes, I’ve tried a test mail to me too, and that isn’t showing up in web mail, let alone here on my computer where it belongs

It’s weird. I got my first computer, an Apple II+ in 1978 or ’79, and I must have been online shortly after that. And I haven’t gone a single day from that first log in, whenever it was, without some email.

Not having email is like some sort of silence in the background. I’ve felt this before, when I’ve gone away for a few days and not taken a computer with me. Actually, I kind of like it. Brings me back to the days when we had (snail) mail, and telephones and maybe fax. I never liked fax much and mostly skipped over that era. When someone asks for a fax number I’m stymied… almost.

Am I expecting anything truly important via email today? I can’t remember, although I suspect nothing that’s truly critical.

Something almost similar happened a month or so ago. When I first logged in there was no email. I was just starting to do the stuff one does in cases like this – you know, tear my hair, reboot the computer, etc. when it unplugged itself and a storm of email arrived.

Since today I can’t even see it on the server, it may be gone forever, or maybe not. We shall see.

Meanwhile, I”m going to work.

Time passes… and sure enough, here comes the flood of email. I think I’m grateful?!


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  • Haha, I notice I get more work done without Internet also. As long as I don’t have to do any research, the few times I’ve had no Internet for an hour, I got so much done. I wrote a blog, updated my resume, and organized both my desk and PC desktop, all in a short time period. Once the Internet came back, I was back to procrastinating online. Now I realize I would have so much more free time if it weren’t for the net, though I’d have to go to the library more often…
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  • Anne,

    Great post and I know the feeling. The first thing I do every morning is check my e-mail. There might not be anything important but it’s how the day starts for me. It’s like when my broadband goes down which is not very often but when it does I am really lost. I never know what to do with myself and believe it or not, this is a time when I get most of my best work done. Without the internet I have no choice but to work. I try to do this at least once a week now especially if there is something important that I am working on. If I unplug my internet connection for an hour it means I have no distractions.

    It really is surprising how much we come to rely on things like email. I feel important getting email like there are people out there that need my help. Couldn’t imagine what it would be like if I stopped getting email, it just doesn’t seem real.

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