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Should I pay a fee for freelance writing ads? Ask Anne The Pro Writer

Questions about freelance writingHi Anne,

I read your writing opportunities every day. Do you have any way of knowing if the ads you post are scams?

It sounds great, but $15 is wanted upfront.


Hi DF,

I am no more able to tell if an ad is legit or not than you would be if you found the listing on your own. The problem is one of time. If, for example, I take time to respond to an ad, then I have to wait for a reply. Sometimes the reply is instant in which case I may catch that it’s a problem ad, but even then it’s not always possible to tell. And, if I don’t get a reply right away, there’s no guarantee that the reply when it comes will indicate a problem. Even if I charged a ton of money for the lists I couldn’t guarantee job ads to be scam free. (And if I every do decide to charge… )

You’ve got to take some responsibility yourself. That is, if an ad I post asks for money up front in a reply email, don’t even respond. Just come on over here and post it in comments for that day’s jobs. That will warn some. If you find a consistent problem advertise, let us know.

Now, if anyone has a better idea, let me know.

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