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What’s Being Searched – An Idea Generator – Resource Roundup Tuesday

ideas for writersAlthough I know ideas are everywhere, sometimes I want to kick start the process. Or maybe I’m feeling lazy, or just want another view of what’s going on in the world. A great way to generate ideas is to find out what search terms and key words are hot at the moment.

  • My favorite is the Google zeitgeist; this page will get you a definition and several ways to search for terms and more. It always seems like the Google zeitgeist shows trends beyond the headlines. At the moment, for example, personality quiz shows as number 10 on the trend list. Personality quiz? I couldn’t resist and when I looked at the info also couldn’t see why it had spiked yesterday. I’ll add the term as a search term today; maybe I’ll get a traffic boost.
  • Yahoo’s Buzz is mostly news headlines. It can be interesting to see what’s hot in the news.
  • Ask, which used to be Ask Jeeves, offers Top Searches for the week. I find their categories confusing. Today, top searches includes Face Book and YouTube but each leads to the services home page. Clicking on the word source under some images is a bit more interesting but I really don’t know what’s going on.
  • The home page of Lycos shows top searches in a tag box and is I guess the top searches on that older service.
  • Dogpile SearchSpy – Dogpile is a search engine that searches search engines (another instance of the recursive internet). This link gives you a real time window on what’s being searched for there right now. Kinda like paint drying until something interesting to you pops up.

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Do you have a favorite idea generator that’s not listed here? Tell us about it.


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