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One Last Chance – Become a Blogger Reopens Briefly – Or Ignore Me

If  it were anyone but Yaro and Gideon, if I hadn’t had such a great experience with Become A Blogger myself, and actually earned some decent money as a result, I wouldn’t buy into this, however…

The two of them have announced they’re opening the Become a Blogger class for another 24 hours or so hours, and will close again on July 8, 2009 at 2 p.m. eastern time.

become a blogger

Yaro and Gideon live in Australia and at least part of the reason they are reopening briefly is they hadn’t realized what the long July 4th weekend does to ‘net traffic. Looking at my own stats, that’s a totally believable reason to me.

So You Want To Make Money Blogging is the article I wrote a week or so ago.

Take a look or ignore me on this one entirely.


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