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Amazon Says No Where State Taxes Are Charged

amazonSusan Gunelius who is the Guide at About.com’s site about blogging (called amazingly web logs) posted a news story called: NC, RI, HI – No Longer Allowed in Amazon Associates Affiliate Advertising Program.

The long and the short of it is that Amazon is not willing to collect state sales taxes and send the money to the states in question, or at least in smaller states.

It’s probably a losing battle on Amazon’s part. If you do a search on Amazon affiliates on Google news you’ll find that Amazon has caved to New York and Japan and is paying sales tax in both places.

And as much as I’ve appreciated sales-tax free purchases, it seems almost inevitable that most states and even countries will begin to collect sales taxes. California, my state, hasn’t yet, but that’s just because the Republican’s have vowed ‘no new taxes’ even thought this one and others might help in the current state budget crises.

What does this mean to you as a freelance writer? Probably not much over the long term, and if you’re in one of the effected states and are part of the Amazon affiliate program, a loss of income at least for awhile.

I can’t see this making a huge dent in book sales either. But I’ve been wrong at least once and a while.

Do you think this will make a difference in book sales?


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  • Here’s the back-up data to my theory, just released this morning:

    Billions in aid go to areas that backed Obama in ’08

    “The imbalance didn’t start with the stimulus. From 2005 through 2007, the counties that later voted for Obama collected about 50% more government aid than those that supported McCain”

    All of us honest, hard-working folks in Middle America are paying for the excesses and irresponsibility of the socialist states.

  • “California, my state, hasn’t yet, but that’s just because the Republican’s have vowed ‘no new taxes’ even thought this one and others might help in the current state budget crises.”

    Wow, pretty narrow viewpoint, Anne. Let me guess, you don’t like Republicans.

    I would first object, even though I’m not a Republican, to “current,” as if California’s “budget” crisis just sprang up outta nowhere. California has had a budget crisis for at least a decade.

    The relevant facts are that budget crises only occur when you spend more than you make, not when you don’t make as much as you spend – that’s called “the logical result of irresponsibility,” and, if you let that proceed until it predictably becomes a “crisis,” then it’s called “stupidity.”

    Just as it is Congress, and not the President, that sets tax laws and authorizes funding (i.e. “Bush Tax Cuts,” and “Obama Stimulus”), the California Legislature is completely responsible for their budget crisis. And I guess one could make some case for the minority party (Republicans) somehow controlling the Legislature through stalling tactics or whatever, but it would sound silly.

    No, except for one year, the California legislature has been controlled by liberal Democrats since 1970, and they are directly responsible for their budget crisis.

    Not to say the Republicans would have done any better, who knows? But, to point at the minority party in a state where they hardly exist is silly.

    What you are seeing now, in the form of the Obama stimulus, is a massive transfer of wealth from states that did not vote for Democrats to states that did. All of the states and their citizens who have exercised restraint and personal responsibility are going to be funding the failures that are the socialist empires of California, New York, Chicago, et al.

    And they wonder why we Texans talk about seceding.

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