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Writers and Mini and Major Burnouts + Goals

writers burnoutI think I need a vacation! Or maybe I just want one. I finished a major piece of work for a client two days ago. I took most of yesterday off, even planning for it and expecting to be if not highly creative today, at least reasonably competent.

Not so.

This isn’t exactly one of those places when I simply need to write. I’ve been doing some real thinking again about my goals and how I want to spend my days and the truth is I really do want to work less. I don’t want to stop working; that’s not what I mean. I want to be under less self-imposed pressure. That means more residual income or some other source – anyone want to support me?

Maybe it’s goals

Maybe it’s the mid-year goals examination I do regularly. Yeah, that feels right.

This time, instead of just going through the goals I set for 2009, I’m starting with a list of what I want to do every week and every year. Right now that list contains everything from more time with family and more time in the garden to fat loss and exercise. I’ve also added time to write and time to invest in politics.

I’m giving myself plenty of time to generate this list.

I think my next step will be to try and correlate it first to time and then to money. I’ll let you know.

How do you work with your goals?


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  • I would love to have a little too much work to do. I’ve been struggling trying to find writing jobs without success. I’ve been failing at this for 9 months and would love to find the work. I’m a good writer but there is either nothing in my niches or too much competition for jobs.

  • We all have those mini burnout days. Mine are usually caused by taking on too much work, or various negative things in my personal life stealing time away from what I want or need to so.

    Realigning your goals can help, as can having a good task management system. But even then, burnout has a way of happy slapping you off track. The only thing you can do is roll with it.

    Taking mini retirements a la Tim Ferriss is a great idea. Like you, I’m trying to figure out the automated income thing that will help make it possible.
    .-= Scott´s last blog ..A few links for the end of the week =-.

    • Anne

      Hey Scott, good to see you.

      yep, I did very little writing yesterday, same plan for today and probably the whole weekend.

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