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Finding Freelance Writing Jobs When You’re Not US Based

earth-for-writersYesterday I made some suggestions about how people not in the United States might be able to make use of the job postings here. The problem, of course, is most of the jobs are US based and most US employers haven’t a clue how to hire someone who lives in another country. (We Americans do tend to be pretty provincial.)

Spike Wyatt who lives in the UK and has lived in Paris and, I suspect, done a whole lot more traveling than I have (but has he sailed in the South Pacific?) suggested in a comment that the bidding sites might be perfect for folks from countries with lower cost of living than in the so-called western countries.

I’ve always tended to discourage writers from bidding sites, but Spike is right. They really can make sense when you think world around. He’s put together a thoughtful review of four sites.

Spike blogs at ScrawlBug which is a blog I’ve started to follow pretty closely. You might want to too.

What other ideas have you got for non-US writers finding freelance writing work?


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  • For freelancers in the UK and elsewhere, I would highly recommend the site peopleperhour.com which features a variety of freelance jobs that are generally of a higher quality than some of their competitors.

    You can also find freelance jobs on aggregators like jobrapido or Adzuna.co.uk

    • Anne

      Hi Doug, are writers paying to get jobs at these sites?

      • AnneGeorgiou

        One way or the other, all freelance bid sites hold a commission when you are paid

        • The real reason I don’t like bidding sites is they drive the price down.

  • It discourages me to see freelancers shutting themselves off from sites such as Elance based on stories they have heard about low-paying jobs. Yes, there are $2 article jobs on that site, but there are also $2 and lower jobs on Craigslist, which is where Anne sources many of her job postings. Yet you rarely hear people voice their complaints about that site.

    Elance has a huge number of jobs paying $50-$100 per hour and more. I have never had any difficulty locating excellent clients on that site, and it is the site I most often refer people to when they are starting out as freelancers.
    .-= Benjamin Hunting´s last blog ..Miata Track Impressions – The Learning Curve =-.

    • Anne

      Really, Benjamin… I’ll have to look again. Good to hear.

  • I think Kathleen’s idea is great. I would add that a PayPal or some other online payment/banking site is a great way to conduct business anywhere in the world without worrying about how to transfer your payment.

  • This is very interesting. I lived in Japan for 3 years and it is hard to navigate things when you aren’t in the US! Great blog!

  • Kathleen

    I write web copy, sales copy, and web content mostly. I also work for a publishing company in the US writing educational material. Lately I have been getting lots of work through referrals and it’s nice since I don’t have to market at all to find new clients. But I need to market again soon… otherwise I will be facing a dry period in July!!
    I have thought about joining bidding sites in the past but I hear that they are mostly for very low-paying jobs (i.e. 2 dollars an article).

    • Anne

      Past clients and referrals are the absolute best!

  • Kathleen

    I am based in South America and work full-time as a freelancer – mostly for US/Canadian companies. I usually don’t mention where I am located unless the client asks. I have set up an internet phone with a 1-800 number to make it easier for people in the US/Canada to contact me.

    The cost of living is lower here but I still don’t take low pay! I have never tried bidding sites and don’t plan on ever using them because I haven’t heard many good things. I have managed to fill up my schedule without them.

    I also don’t answer ads anymore. I contact companies directly. I haven’t had too much luck answering ads. Too much competition I guess.

    • Anne

      an 800 number… I love it. And if you don’t need the bidding sites by all means skip them. Glad you’ve got plenty of work… what kind of writing do you do?

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