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Writing For Magazines – Videos For Writer

The title of this video is: Polly Guerin discusses writing for magazines. She knows her stuff and if you want to writer for magazines this is a good place to get a quick overview. She writes about fashion but her advice spans much more than that.

If you’ve done a video about writing I’d be happy to post it here, and/or if you have a favorite I don’t know about it, let me know.


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  • Many of my magazine print work I have found were right in your job listings Anne. For me they turned out not to ne a one time shot either as the editors have contacted me to continue to write for them.

    Another resource is to find a site that has magazine industry gossip. You will know about any upstarts and can jump on board to submit your query. Another interesting point with this type of site is when they write about established publications announcing a change of their editorial staff. That is your chance to get your foot in the door.

    And finally, there are numerous sites out there that list magazine´s specific guidelines. Some sites charge for this information but do not waste your money. With a little effort on your part you will obtain that information. There are several sites that disclose this information. One to look at is Debbie Ngs MondayMarkets at FreelanceWriting Jobs.

    There is a magazine out there for every niche and every type of writer. “Seek and you shall find.” Besides, they pay well too.

    • Anne

      I’m blushing a bit… thanks for letting me know you get gigs here. Your other suggestions work well too. Thanks for those.

  • Very sound advice. One other thought. Every year, there are many upstart publications looking for new writers and pitches. They may be a one hit wonder in the mag world but for you, not only will the pay be excellent, but by having more and more recent print work will only make your clips outshine others.

    • Anne

      Excellent Veronica – one reason I like the online version of writers market… any other tips about finding new publications? (I love haunting a good news stand ;))

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