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Is It Possible To Be Query Free?

blogsJennifer Mattern, who blogs about freelance writing at AllFreelanceWriting.com has a second site for freelancers called The Query-Free Freelancer. The premise is exactly what it says – how to be a successful freelance writer without submitting queries.

It’s a radical concept and one she’s made work. Now she wants to share the how-to.

With that in mind she’s interviewed several writers who earn their living without writing queries. I’m one of them.

To Query or Not to Query: That’s a Question for the Pros! is the start of the series; the lineup looks good. Suggest you follow this one – I will.

Are you a query-free writer?


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  • How cool! I always found the query process frustrating. Most editors do not even reply anymore, even when you send them a postcard with the postage and just two boxes to check. I have quit querying and it saves a lot of time and money.

    Good luck with the book, Jenn. 🙂
    .-= Lisa Cunningham´s last blog ..If you’re black and live in a city, get tested for cancer =-.

  • That’s even better. I prefer books I can read in bed and in the tub. Can’t wait to read it!

  • Meant QFF book. When I can’t get 3 letters right, I know it’s time to shut down and kick off the weekend. 🙂

  • The AFF book is planned as a traditional book–not an e-book for this one. 😉

  • Hey Jenn, if it works it works. With the success I’ve been having lately, I’d be happy to glow all over your eBook!

  • Tell you what Jennifer — when I finish the book and am ready to publish, remind me to get a testimonial from you! 😉

    Thanks for the glowing recommendation. 🙂
    .-= Jenn Mattern´s last blog ..Freelance Friday – June 19, 2009 =-.

  • lol Thanks for your mention Anne. You know, query-free freelancing really isn’t something I see as “radical,” so I find it interesting that other people do. 🙂 It’s how I’ve run my career for the last ten years, and I really never thought it was a topic worthy of it’s own site before. It was just the way I did things.

    It only hit me that it was a topic people might have an interest in when I started getting an increasing number of reader questions at AFW from people who wanted to get started in freelancing, but who couldn’t afford to wait weeks or months from query to acceptance (and then potentially weeks longer for payment after publication). They had bills to pay and families to feed, and they were already handed a raw deal in this economy.

    I couldn’t understand why so many people thought they HAD to go through that process. 10 years ago, maybe (although I didn’t even then). So the idea for the site (and book-in-progress) was born. So far people seem to be excited about it, and in turn that makes it an incredibly enjoyable project for me. 🙂

    You know, with the type of writing I do I actually get paid to write pitch letters for clients. So the thought of writing them for nothing more than the hope of a potential future gig just doesn’t sit well with me–to me, extensive querying borders on the verge of being a cover letter for a traditional jobs (and I got out of that work environment for a reason), a writing contest, or a spec piece where you write and you may or may not be compensated. It’s fine if you really, really want to be published in a specific publication, but when it comes to simply being able to earn a good living as a freelance writer, they’re just not necessary.

    I guess the query-free process comes from my background in PR. I don’t only understand the huge role image and visibility can play in a company’s (or freelancer’s) success, but I know how to go about building both of those things (quickly, and affordably). They’re things a lot of other writers seem to need and want help with, and I’m just hoping the site manages to give it to them. In the meantime, if writers want to learn some of the basics of PR, they should check out Michael Meanwell’s The Wealthy Writer – he gives a great introduction on the topic, where most other freelance writing books don’t even touch on it.
    .-= Jenn Mattern´s last blog ..Freelance Friday – June 19, 2009 =-.

  • Hi Anne,

    I just wanted to second your recommendation of the Query Free Freelancer. I’ve been reading the blog avidly and have already received two inquiries for my services without having to query. I start one of the assignments next month! Jennifer Mattern really knows her stuff.

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