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Fog City! That’s My Brain Today

writers-fogI sometimes think that all of my problems, big and small, stem from vagueness! Here it is almost 10 a.m. and I haven’t written a blog entry yet. (Okay, now I’ve started one, but you know what I mean!)

Yesterday I was once again off line because of Cox cable. This time my phone came back on after about 40 minutes, but the ‘net connection was just gone. The tech who had been scheduled from the previous day’s episode arrived over an hour early. In fact, I was walking to the gym when I spotted his truck and came back! He gave me yet another new modem and that seemed to solve at least some of the problem.

However, I was on the phone to my daughter when the new modem reset itself for unknown reasons and since the phone is dependent on the modem we lost our connection. I’ll be so glad when this is over!

Meanwhile I had a startling email from a major client, including notice pay was to be delayed. The check was already late from my point of view. I know this client well and had no doubts about good intentions, etc. So I wrote a heart-felt email expressing how I felt. (Like I’d been kicked in the stomach, which is exactly what I said.) I did call a friend and together we did some editing and I sent it off.

As I thought might happen, today I got an apology, a clarifying explanation – yes, we are changing directions more than a bit – and the invoice was approved. Whew!

The writing take away? Always be willing to ask a client what’s going on – nicely of course.

After that was over I got back to the proposal I’m writing. You know, sometimes writing is just boring to do. This thing is and I have real mixed emotions about it but seem determined to finish, so the quicker the better.

And I need a haircut!

Thanks for being there


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