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Getting A New Provider – Leaving One Goat Dance For Another

goat-dancingYep, it happened again this morning. Right around 6:45, after I’d done my mediation, stretching, looked at email and fed the cat… just as I got ready to start writing here my net connection went down.

So I went through the goat dance of calling Cox cable. This time the digital phone worked, and I was using that when the CS guy reset the modem from his office. Which meant digging out the cell phone.

Anyway, after up leveling to a supervisor and being told a service tech might make it today, but tomorrow afternoon was more likely, I unplugged the phone, the modem, turned off the computer and did some housework.

We’ll never know if turning everything off for 10 minutes or so did the trick or it it all started again because 45 minutes had passed.

Anyway, my first web stop was at ATT to get new phone service and new net connection service. All on the web, which is nice, plus the promise of cash back and a savings of maybe $20 a month. I really wish I had a local business I could use for this. What happened to anti-trust?

I don’t think we’ll ever know what’s been wrong. The last tech did mutter about too much radio frequency in the air, which strikes me as a real possibility, but I don’t have a clue, not really.

Hoping this change will all be as transparent as I’ve been promised.

How’s your day going?


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  • Odd that he used the too much frequency excuse when in fact you probably had pretty good reception before going to their company….

    I’m glad you’re switching. Our livelihood depends entirely too much on our connectedness, but it’s essential that our tools work properly.

    I think you’ll be happier with AT&T. I have Verizon. It works, but not well. I’m frustrated with why my emails the last few days haven’t made it to their destinations, or why my cable, which used to be pretty darned perfect, is now littered with feed problems, skips in the feed, and gnarled pictures (just split seconds sometimes, but just doggone disruptive for what we pay). I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone at this point. And their customer service? It would be faster (and more effective) to learn how to troubleshoot the entire system yourself. I’ve never seen such inept service from a company. Thirty minutes on the “Can my Tivo be connected to the new cable box?” question, and they never answered it.

    • Anne

      I don’t know that he was using too much loose radio frequency as an excuse so much as he was genuinely confused and made it clear he really doesn’t know. It was kinda like, “well maybe…” like when you scrape the bottom of the mental barrel.

      ATT worked well for me for years… can’t remember why I switched, but I did and now I’m going back.

  • kahtleen

    My day is going the way many of my days go in this cycle of my life… so it seems.
    I am at my ‘day job’ wishing I was writing. Ho-hum. I come around on my lunch hour and take a look-see. Looking and longing for work to do and see what you are doing, now and again.
    Don’t get me wrong, sacrificing my love of writing daily is what I do as I am a mom who needs the paycheck that my computer sales job provides me and the kids, but that will not stop me from takin’ a minute or 30 a day to look for something that feeds the creative spirit within. Hope all is well. Kathleen

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