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How Do Readers Respond To What You Write?

writers-inkOn twitter nancysoffice pointed to CopyBlogger which, in turn, points to an article by Rajesh Setty at Lateral Action called 9 Ways People Respond to Your Content Online.

Setty breaks down nine ways people respond or react to online content.  In my opinion those nine possible actions apply to any piece of writing meant to be read.

He doesn’t stop there, however, but continues with four things any writer should consider even before they put pen to paper or fingers to the keyboard.

I particularly  like What would be unique (content, point-of-view etc.) in this article that will make the audience do what I want them to do?

Taken in the context of the other points this question alone is what I might call a super-clarifying question for any author.

Which point in Setty’s article stands out for you?


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  • Ed

    The article teases out various issues which can be summarized in one command: write for your readers. Too often, we fall in love with our writing, forgetting our audience could care less how much pain went into crafting the perfect paragraph or extracting quotes from an interview or tying it all together with a witty wrap-up. As survey after survey has shown, online readers are there for information; if we cannot add to their knowledge, our writing is just flotsam on the vast Internet ocean. As in other parts of our life, product wins out against procedure every time. While we may be focused on how we write and what we write, readers are concerned with just one thing: is it worth my time. In journalism, there is an old saying, helping to gauge whether a story is worthwhile: have you added anything to what’s already known. Regurgitation is not reporting and typing is not writing. I had to borrow business terms for the art of writing, but one is pertinent: ROI; Return on Investment. If there is no ROI for readers, your writing – no matter how well crafted – will not entice a favorable response – if one at all.

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  • Hi Anne,

    I’ve been a reader & a fan of yours for a while, so thanks for the great articles!

    And, thanks for the link re: readers’ responses to on-line content. It was a very helpful reminder about the ways we, as readers, respond to websites and how we should be mindful of how others view our sites as well.

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