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6 Blogs About Writing Productivity – Resource Roundup Tuesday

[tuesday]Here we are, the middle of 2009 already. Mid year is a great time to take a look at what we’re doing and see how it compares to what we’d like to be doing. Maybe that’s a review of some goals for our writing business, or maybe it’s setting some. In addition to reviewing my goals I’m also in the process of creating what I call a plan for my ideal day and week.

I already know I’ve taken on too much. Creating an ideal week will, I hope, help me sort out what to keep and what to let go of.

Of course, I’m not the only one who has to re-evaluate from time-to-time. What follows is a loose collection of blog posts that address finding out what you really want to do and getting that done.

  1. On Blogging and Brand Dilution – Kristen King talks about how she sorted out too many blogs. Of course, her blogs were just the symptom; her approach would work with almost anything.
  2. 8 Liberating Strategies for Clearing the Queues in Your Life – Leo Babauta, who also writes Write To Done, tells us how to reduce our to do lists. A must read, at least for me.
  3. Life Hacker is amazing. They seem to address everything from downloads for Windows to setting up a cleaning schedule. This blog can be a time sink or a real blessing.
  4. Dustin Wax of LifeHack has an article called The Ultimate Writing Productivity Resource which is a fairly extensive list computer based productivity tools. I don’t want all of them, but some of them, like a submission tracker are interesting. There’s also a list of blogs and blog posts for writers. Plan on bookmarking this one and spending some time with it.
  5. How Not To Write – exactly what it says, what to do when you’re not writing. Often fun, funny and helpful
  6. Mud Rooms, Red Letters, and Real Priorities from 43 folders – this is a quote that puts it all into perspective.

How do you feel about productivity?


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  • Thanks for including me on the list, Anne. But thanks even more for the link to the cleaning schedule. How did you know I desperately need to vacuum? 🙂

    Kristen King’s last blog post..If Bloggers Got Bailouts…

    • Anne

      lol, I loved the link to fake cleaning a house there. That’s more my style and in truth I’d already figured out a couple of those tips 😉

  • Switching from PC to Mac upped my productivity 50% in the first month. Fees reflect that.

    If I schedule/structure too much, it’s counterproductive. I need large swaths of unscheduled time and then I’m REALLY productive. Otherwise, I might as well be working for someone else, and what’s the point.

    Devon Ellington’s last blog post..Tuesday, June 2, 2009

    • Anne

      Really, Devon, 50%? How is that? I mean in general? How is the mac that much better?

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