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Literary Agents and Info Found On Twitter – Resource Roundup Tuesday

[tuesday]I don’t normally think of twitter as a research tool, but maybe I’m wrong. I searched there on literary agents and found some helpful links and information. It’s a pretty inefficient way to search, but I found some things I wouldn’t have otherwise.

  1. Guide to Literary Agents Editors Blog – apparently by at least one of the editors of the Writer’s Market book by the same name, this is an incredibly valuable blog to follow if you’re looking for an agent or just want to know how agency works. A real find. (taymalin RT @BJMuntain: RT @WritersDigest)
  2. GENREALITY, a blog with a bunch of fiction authors from a variety of genres – has a helpful article called Literary agents – Yes or No? (SachaCrouch I found this good food for thought thanx RT@thecreativepenn )
  3. Svara mentioned LitMatch, a free at least to get started (not sure if there are charges later) website that may help match you with an agent. Probalby worth exploring… I’m going to.
  4. Following Agents on Twitter tweeted by agentquery. This may make it easier for all of us… my next read.

What would you like to tell us about agents?


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