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Writers on Writing – Videos About Writing

A delightful video with a wide variety of authors telling us how to get it done in a sentence or two.


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  • Ah, you broke through the pandanus mat ceiling!

    I think I’ll keep the tractor feed paper for my museum, in case young people don’t believe me when I tell them users used to feed a printer with a long piece of paper with holes in it, folded up and stuffed in a box. (I had a g.f. about 10 years ago who didn’t believe me when I told her they used to make straws out of paper! I still haven’t found any, though she’s long gone.)

    jorgekafkazar’s last blog post..Stranded in Mexico

  • I missed the PC Jr, going right from a Commodore 64 (woo-hoo!) to a PC with a whole 5 Megs of hard drive! Last month, I found a box of tractor feed paper that I can’t convince myself to throw out. Does anybody still use it? Scratch pads?

    jorgekafkazar’s last blog post..Stranded in Mexico

    • Anne

      maybe it’s a collectors item and your could get some serious money on ebay? Make sure the buyer pays the shipping 😉

      I installed a Commodore 64 in the Kingdom of Tonga – in the S. Pacific. Had to teach the head guy how to use it… play a game… before I could teach the women who were going to actually use it… I was paid under the table 20 paanga a day… the maximum wage there was 10 paanga. Was a great trip!

  • And i remember ditto process copying and multilith masters and thermofax and correction paper. I took typing twice; jr high and high school, using those huge old Underwoods. I never got much above 40 wpm, but that was fast enough to get a job as a department secretary in college. Do you remember that the early IBM PC word processors would make clicking noises when you hit the keys, so they’d sound like typewriters? A terrible idea which quickly was abandoned. But I do miss the little whirr and the ding when you returned the carriage. [Ah, Nostalgia, thou deceiver!] Remember daisy wheel printers? BLAM-BLAMMITY-BLAM-BLAM-BLAMMITY-BLAM!! Oy! ?

    jorgekafkazar’s last blog post..mysqlerror

    • Anne

      how about the horrid little pc… pc jr. talk about a horrid divice… and yes, daisy wheel printers, and the smell of memeograph ( probably toxic) and stains on fingers. What I remember is I could type on a typewriter a lot longer without carpel symptoms and when I was angry slamming the carriage return was lovely.

  • Those of us who actually used those ancient enginee known as a typewriters appreciate the audio opening for that little video at a different level. I recently found an old (1972) m/s I’d typed on onionskin paper. I scanned it into Word, revised it a bit, and vwallah! another story to sell. (Okay, so it’s voila, and it will probably end up on my blog. And, yes, just in case, I still have a typewriter out in my garage.)

    jorgekafkazar’s last blog post..Stranded in Mexico

    • Anne

      lol, I remember typewriters… and typing class on manual typewriters in 7th grade, and electric typewriters and self-correcting typewriters 😉

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