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The Second Annual Writers Worth Day

writers-worth-dayToday is the day – the offical Writer’s Worth Day. Started by freelance writer and blogger Lori Widmer, her goal as she states in her news release is to promote the fair market value of writers through education, awareness, and ongoing support.

Her post today lists some sites that help writers understand their worth and stand up for themselves.

There was a time when I didn’t value my work nearly enough. As a result I was always broke. But I knew I was supposed to write, that writing is what I’m called to do.

Yes, for me finding out how to earn a real living writing has been a spiritual quest.  First I had to recognize, accept and value the fact that writing is pretty easy for me. It’s a gift and one that, on the whole, I’ve been a pretty good steward of over time.

It wasn’t, however, until I truly recognized that money – the green dollar bills in my case – are just another expression of Sprit’s energy and that Spirit (whatever you call that) is the source of my money, my earning and my spending that I began to earn “enough.”

Of course how much is enough is a great question, and really, another topic.

What it now boils down to me is the knowing that I’m a good writer and that I can trust Spirit with my income as long as I’m open to It. A bit of gratitude helps too.

How do you affirm your own worth as a writer and a person?


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  • Thanks for the link love and the efforts on behalf of the cause, Anne!

    Actually, you were one of the first writers to convince me that raising rates resulted in better clients and better pay. Totally true. I appreciate your support over the years, your guidance, and especially your friendship. 🙂

    Lori’s last blog post..The Second Annual Writers Worth Day

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