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Alternate Addresses For Jobs? Ask Anne The Pro Writer

Questions about freelance writingHi Anne,

I have been getting your newsletter for a couple of years. I do love it and have gotten a couple of great jobs. I was just wondering if there is another way of having some of the jobs listed give alternate address, especially if they have you contact their jobs through craigslist. I really am a big fan of craigslist but I can never seem to get an email to go to those. It always comes back as undeliverable.

Tiffany (in comments)

Hi Tiffany,

Glad you’ve gotten some jobs through my list. I always like to hear that.

I’m surprised you’re getting undeliverable email on the craigslist ads. I respond to some of the ads and I don’t think I’ve ever had one returned as undeliverable, certainly not many. A couple of things occur to me:

  • Be sure you respond the same day as the job is posted or no later than the next day. Employers tell me they often get so many responses they take down the ad which would make the email undeliverable. The easy way is to simply click on the listing again when you’re ready to respond to make sure it’s still up.
  • I assume you’re actually clicking on the email listed at the top of the ad (in most cases) and letting it bring up your email program. That’s how I do it. If you’re not, it may be something is happening when you copy and paste the email address.

I guess I should also point out that I have absolutely no control over the ads on craigslist or any other organization. If their email doesn’t work I won’t even know that unless I happen to apply for the job myself. I don’t research these jobs. I just post ’em.

I can’t think what else might be the problem.

Does anyone else have an idea what might be happening?

[askanne] [sig]

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  • Hi Anne:

    I’ve had it happen with one to three Word doc attachments. For this reason, I don’t attach documents and instead request an email address or send them links to my samples.

    I usually explain to them why I am requesting an email or sending them links to samples because some people do not know about the size limitations.

    Someone mentioned solving the problem with an online portfolio, which most of us have. The problem is if the ad posters are not aware of the size limitations and say, “do not send me links because I won’t look at them,” then it still poses a problem.

  • A great way to get around the size limitations on Craigslist attachments is to keep your work in an online portfolio on your website.

    Benjamin Hunting’s last blog post..My Miata Track Car

  • I have also sometimes tried to respond to an ad and by the time I finished writing the email, the author had taken down the ad or it had been flagged and removed. In that case the email address won’t work anymore. You have to jump on those craigslists ads… don’t set them aside to reply to later.

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    • Anne

      Yes, that happens for sure. And replying asap is the solution, thanks

  • Those who said that the attachments are causing the trouble are absolutely right. I have NEVER been able to send a CraigsList email with more than just my resume attached. When I try to send samples of my work, it will reject every time. CraigsList has unreasonably limited requirements regarding attachments. What I do in those cases is send them my resume and ask kindly for a “real” email address to forward samples. Hope this helps!

  • I had it happen when I first started using Craigslist. If they do not provide a direct email address and you send too many attachments it will kick the email back to you as undeliverable.

    Either email the Craigslist address and ask them for a direct email or use links to direct them to your writing samples and resume.

  • Ann, for me, the ones that come back undeliverable do so because I’ve attached too much. Craig’s List has a limit to how large your email can be (attachment wise, that is). Maybe that’s it?

    Lori’s last blog post..Writers Worth Tip #6: It’s Not About the Money

    • Anne

      Lori, Kristie, and Janet. I hadn’t realized there was a size limit on attachments. I keep mine to one usually, and, as Ben suggests, link to http://www.annewayman.com. What kinds of things have you wanted to attach that made it too big? Samples?

  • Pat

    Craigslist emails have a size limit. Read the error notice carefully if your email is returned. I’ve sent attachments for potential jobs that requested 3 writing samples and a resumes and had the email returned because the attachments were too large.

  • There have been times that I have had that occur. Two reasons:

    1) The job was removed by the listing author or flagged while you composed your cover letter.

    2) Sometimes the ad may have an alternate address within it. I have caught myself several times taking the Craig’s List address in my email and then re-reading the ad. It turns out that actual company’s contact email is imbedded within it.

    Thanks Anne for all you do. I have been call backed and assigned many times from your listings. 🙂

    • Anne

      Veronica, love to hear you’re getting gigs from my posts 😉

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