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We’re So Lucky!

makepovertyhistoryMuch to my amazement, this blog is seen in 117 countries. I was surprised that only 77.66 percent actually come from the United States. Canada is next, with 6.39 percent, Great Britain at 3.51 percent and so on.

Obviously those that return read American English and as I scan the list of countries I realize that most of the people reading this blog are pretty well off. I got to thinking about this because

I learned today that the local arm of a charity I support (www.livingcompassion.org) has just recently, after several years, raised enough money to feed every kid in an African village one meal a day!

Think about that. One meal a day!

Now, off and on for years I’ve made The Hunger Site my home page. I’ve started and stopped because I’m usually in such a hurry. But if you go to that site and click once you donate 1.1 cups of food to the hungry.

And I measure food, often 3 times a day, to make sure I don’t eat too much!

I made  The Hunger Site my home page again on all my browsers today. I hope you do too. I click when the page comes up. It’s really easy.

I realized today that there’s a perhaps more important reason to see that site when I first open a browser each day, and that’s to remind me of just how lucky I am. I don’t want to forget that, ever. I want to be grateful for what I have and know that not everyone enjoys the same lifestyle I do. I have (more) than enough food; I rent a two-bedroom bungalow where I live with two cats. I have windows that open and close and screens to keep out most of the bugs.

The list of what I have goes on and on. I usually don’t feel guilty because I have so much, instead I work to be grateful for it.

And for me, part of that sense of gratitude means I also need to be mindful of the whole world, not just my corner of it.

By the way, Mark Silver of  Heart of Business, pointed me to a site called Free Rice. It’s a spelling game and as you play you donate a grain of rice. So far a total of 64,066,271,200 grains of rice have been donated. That’s got to help.

If you want to do still more, check out International Aid over at Poverty.com. If your government like mine hasn’t lived up to its agreement yet, you can print a letter, and mail it which may help.

Okay, back to writing about writing now.


Image from http://www.sxc.hu

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  • Thanks for that, Anne. I’ve had The Animal Rescue Site as my homepage for a while: it does a similar thing for animals. I shall add the Hunger Site to my ‘dailies’ bookmark tab immediately!

    And by the way, it’s Great Britain. Big oopsie there, milady! 🙂

    SpikeTheLobster’s last blog post..10 Tips For New Freelancers

    • Anne

      oh boy, another example of provencialism in the United States… or I missed my spell check’s little red pointer.

      Yeah, Animal Rescue is a good one too…

  • David Rupprecht

    Hello from South Africa! Not all those that read your blog in other countries are well-off, by the way. I am an American writer, living in Cape Town, South Africa and have been receiving your RSS feed for writing jobs in order to earn a bit of extra income over here. So, for that, thank you! But you are right… I am lucky, as I have enough to eat… and I see many people here every day who do not…

    • Anne

      David, so glad you’re finding my job posts helpful. Sounds like poverty is much more in your face for you. Both a blessing and a curse I think.

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