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Speaking of Letting Go of Self-Censorship!

Where do I start?

Some of you may remember that I love Mark Silver’s Heart Of Business. He’s got a membership forum I hang out in from time-to-time. He’s all about creating a business without selling out and so are the folks in the forum.

We got a new member recently and I was fascinated with how many folks were celebrating her. She’s Naomi Dunford – The Word Nerd and does a marketing blog called IttyBiz. No idea how I’ve missed this one.

Take, for example, Moral Of The Story: Topless Edition (With Photos!). It’s a lovely rant against semicolons with a marketing moral.

Naomi certainly doesn’t censor herself.

I love her style, but I’ll bet some of you won’t. Which is why I posted the Don’t Panic button.

We can talk about her use of language if you like, or you can just tell us why you like it or not.

Image from http://www.sxc.hu

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  • I’m a huge Naomi fan. I’ve learned alot from her and she nearly always makes me laugh.

    • Anne

      She’s also embolding me to be, well, more myself I guess.

  • I love this. It’s funny, so many writers hate the whole corporate lifestyle and become freelancers to get out of it–but then they end up putting the same constraints on their own businesses as the corporations do. Why? It just doesn’t make sense. Be yourself–if you think that is going to freak out potential clients then chances are you would not have enjoyed working with them anyway! You only live once as far as I know, don’t stifle Edith!

    Yolander Prinzel’s last blog post..Keeping Commitments and…Not

    • Anne

      Yeah, I never understand why some people get so upset about language, or Janet Jackson’s nipple! Violence, poverty, injustice and climate change worry me a whole lot more.

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