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Triond, Associated Content, Helium – One More Time

You just never know where clients will come from. Several weeks ago I got a call from a guy who wanted me to ghostwrite his book. He has some nifty ideas and I was interested and said so. He got to poking around and found one of the articles I’d posted on the article submission sites I reviewed in a series.

Of course, he wasn’t sure which site he’d found the article on and he was mostly using it to demonstrate our difference in styles. I’ve tried some different searches, but it quickly became a time sink I didn’t think was worth it.

I think I gained some aditional cred with this client because he found one of the three articles. Or heck, maybe he foudn all three. The truth is I simply don’t know.

But I hadn’t thought of clients stumbling into articles I write on Triond, (btw, Triond has become an advertiser here) Associated Content, or Helium as a possible reason to submit to those sites at least occasionally.

Has anyone else had a similar experience?

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  • I was recently approached by a website owner who had seen my work on this type of site (Hubpages). I’m writing a monthly paid article for her now. I also wrote a lot for Helium when I first started writing. Although the money you get from page views is ridiculously low I’ve sold an article through their marketplace for a decent amount of money. Far more importantly I got my first ever (well-paid) print magazine commission by writing a query and linking to an article I’d written on Helium. I think if you link to a well-written, relevant article, editors will be more interested in the writing than where it’s posted.

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    Spike, the client found me on his own, perhaps from here – he didn’t remember or maybe from a search. I haven’t added those articles to my credit list mostly because they are so far from what I do these days.

    Trisha, I suspect you’re fine. I wouldn’t count on getting work that way but who knows.

    Norm, didn’t realize Helium requires chrome… I use it anyway because it’s so darn fast.

  • Anne,
    I wasn’t sure I wanted to mess with Helium. They initially looked interesting, and then announced that their writers had to use Google Chrome. I figured that knowing Firefox, Safari, and the assorted Windows’ Explorers constituted enough in the way of browsers.

    Do you use Chrome for Helium?

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  • I’ve heard the exact advice as SpikeTheLobster. It made me nervous because, if you search my name, you’ll find a lot of content from AssociatedContent and other sites. But if I can get work from that, then awesome.

    Trisha Bartle’s last blog post..“…not only professional but very creative…”

  • That’s an interesting experience. I’ve generally been told the exact opposite when discussing the article directories (AC, Helium & Co., including the newer Bukisa and HubPages): that it was a really BAD idea to quote them as places I’ve written content. The general idea was that it would be seen as low quality ‘bulk writing’ rather than the classier ‘assignment writing’ of producing content on demand for a particular job. I may have to reconsider that advice now!

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