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When The Writing Is Easy

Don’t you just love it when the writing is easy? I sure do. Here’s what I mean.

I’d gotten behind and not even started the 5th chapter due today for one of my better clients. I figured I’d spend most of the day getting a draft together then email her with apologies promising it late tomorrow or even Monday.

So I started in and it went surprisingly well. I wanted to keep writing when it was time to break and meet friends for lunch. I made sure I knew what I was thinking before I left and wondered if I’d still be on track when I got back.

I was and I finished it. Including a printing and an editing. Just about 1,500 words from a standing start to done. I was impressed.

Of course, I had decided last week what the next topic of this chapter would be. My hunch is my subconscious was working on it all along, although I don’t remember it that way. In fact, I had to look up the email I’d sent to my client to remember specifically what I’d said I’d write about.

Naturally, the title changed, but that’s okay. It needed to change.

After all these years it’s rare that I get stuck for any length of time. It can take me awhile to enter a new project, and if I get bored I get slowed down. But it’s rarely this easy.

I’ll take it and be grateful.

Let’s hope the client likes it.


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