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Copy Editing, Proofreading Help & Fun – Resource Roundup Tuesday

[tuesday]Freelance writers usually end up doing most of their own proofreading and copy editing, at least on shorter pieces. And if you’re blogging, you’re probably totally on your own. As those of you who follow me know, proofreading is far from my best skill.

Oh sure, I’ve got an article on copy editing, called 6 Tips for Proofreading Your Own Writing. It’s fine, as far as it goes.

But yesterday, Sean Platt of Collective Inkwell posted a good article on the subject called: 7 Steps to Squeaky Clean Copy

That led me to look for some additional resources. Here’s what I found:

  • The Copyeditor’s Desk has articles that address copy editing and other issues about manuscripts in general.
  • Evolving English II is a fun and informative look at how our “mother” tongue is changing.
  • the “blog” of “unnecessary” qutoation marks – yep, all lowercase. No, not strictly proofreading, although this blog could help rid the world of excess quotation marks while having “fun.” 😉
  • Peg Mulligan has posted a checklist for peer reveiwers which strikes me as a good list to hand someone who is just getting started in proofreading.
  • Spikethelobster who blogs at Scrawlbug has a nifty article called Proofing And Editing. Here he talks about the differences between proofing and editing. Nicely done.
  • Finally, allyah’s INKWELL has a post called There’s Nothing Like a 500-Point Type Typo. Keep this one in mind next time you are tempted to complain.


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  • Thanks for the mention Anne. That example really does keep one in check about complaining; that’s the mother of all typos. Nothing can top it.

    Allyah’s last blog post..There’s Nothing Like a 500-Point Type Typo

  • I shall echo Sean: I feel all special at being pointed to (which is much better than pointed at!). Thanks, Anne – and thanks for the other links there, too. Some really helpful resources! I’m off to Tweet them at my friends now…!

    SpikeTheLobster’s last blog post..The Word Philes 7

  • Hey, thanks for the mention! I really liked writing the article and I’m glad it was enjoyed by a fellow writing site. Muchos gracias.

    Sean Platt’s last blog post..7 Steps to Squeaky Clean Copy

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