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I’m Getting Better, Maybe

As most of you know, this site went down again this morning. What you don’t know is that, behind the scenes I’ve actually changed hosts because of site outages. This time, however, it wasn’t the host, but a plug-in.

If you don’t know what a plug-in is, don’t worry about it. The easy explanation is a bit of software code designed to do something. For example, the box with google ads over there on the upper right is the result of a bit of code. Blogs often use lots of them and the one that was causing the site not to load has been there for several months.

What I’m pleased to report however, is this time I did not lose my cool. I didn’t even get angry inside.

Maybe I’m growing up. Maybe my meditation practice is working.

The image? It’s all over google images so I have no clue who first created this one, but the concept comes from the wonderful book and BBC radio series, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. (My buddy Lori tells me there was a movie too.) Some place in the book, on the first spaceship I think, someone points to the large friendly button with the words, Don’t Panic! on it. I’ve always loved the idea of a large friendly button!

Today I didn’t and I’m tickled. Later today or tomorrow? Who knows.


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  • I agree, this is a hard one: not to panic, not to get frustrated or angry. I used to kick a trashcan, but cannot do it with others around. Making a joke of it with a friend, or expecting the worst sometimes helps with coping. I admire your progress!

  • admin

    Thanks Lori.
    Isaac, yes, getting angry can be helpful in some circumstances… but the last time this happened I was furious for hours and felt totally drained and certain my anger hadn’t helped, even me. So it’s sometimes yes, sometimes no.
    Yeah, Kathryn, if you find a physical one let me know… I’d like it to have a great big honking sound when I push it.

  • Hey Anne – I need to invest in one of these for my husband. I’m very relaxed about circumstances (I’m a glass half full kind of gal anyway) and sometimes my calm attitude is ESPECIALLY upsetting to my hubby. Maybe a big friendly button would help to soothe his nerves some.

  • Isaac

    Getting mad is healthy sometimes. 😉

    Isaac’s last blog post..Winnie the Pooh and Writers Too

  • You’re a braver woman than I am, Gunga Anne. 🙂

    I’m glad one of us has some computer prowess!

    Lori’s last blog post..Where Have You Been?

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