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Intermittent Problems Make Me Crazy

Yesterday I was talking with a potential virtual assistant and while we were on the phone she said something like, “That’s odd. The email I just sent came back with a mail box full notice.”

I was floored and immediately contacted my tech support guy. Long story short, we needed to flick a switch so the spam filter at the new web host could work There were something like 1500 emails that were somehow stuck.

As near as we can tell, as I downloaded or “popped” email into my local email program, it would empty the server side email just enough, until it filled up again. I thought I had unlimited email. But I don’t, just almost.

This explains why I thought some people hadn’t answered me – they had, but had gotten into this weird loop. It also explains why I stopped receiving a couple of ezines I wanted and may even explain why twitter has been complaining about my email addresses.

I’m now down to 216 emails dating back to the first week in February that deserve attention. I’ll get there, but if you’re one of those, please first accept my apologies, and then be patient.

Technology is great, except when it isn’t.


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  • Helena

    Hi Anne,
    Sorry to hear about your recent email overload problem. I just thought I should tell you that gmail does have unlimited storage for your inbox, so you would never get this problem if you switched to a gmail account. It might be worth thinking about.
    Hope you have recovered everything that was lost.

  • admin

    Thanks Bradley… you obviously have been (are) there

  • Bradley

    This is probably the scariest moment for freelancers of any profession – when technical problems occur. I work in an office (slowly breaking into freelance writing as a paid job though I already do it freely for a couple non-profits) and while we do have our own helpdesk, I usually become the tech support for my colleagues as well as family and friends on the outside, even at a distance. But how many freelancers can solve their own computer problems (Mac or PC) at home, aside from host related issues and where can they go? Trying to get answers through Google from the myriad ‘expert’ sites can be time consuming, especially if technology isn’t in your background. It takes a quite a bit of filtering, even for someone like me. It almost seems that there needs to be a solid online helpdesk for freelancers…

  • admin

    Lori, I don’t think I’ve lost any work… but it is a bit of a drama and one I feel like I don’t have time for right now.

    I don’t know Isaac, if it hadn’t been intermittent I might have found out about it sooner… we’ll never know.

  • Isaac

    At least it’s intermittent.

    Isaac’s last blog post..Winnie the Pooh and Writers Too

  • How awful! I hope you didn’t lose any work as a result, Anne. If so, they may need to compensate you.

    Lori’s last blog post..And Yes, We Should All Be Outraged

  • I just blogged about this last week. I felt so sick when I figured out what had happened since I had actually lost quite a few emails. Glad you’re able to catch up, although I’m sure it’s quite a nightmare.

    Vivian’s last blog post..What if Your Email Goes Down, But You Don’t Find Out?

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